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Canadian Womens Teams Football Grounds in Canada

Map of Canadian Womens Teams stadiums

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List of Canadian Womens Teams stadiums

0/27 grounds visited (0%)

Alliance United LadiesAlliance United Ladies
Stalmaster Park at Mt Joy
ANB FutbolANB Futbol
CDS Soccer Turf
Buzzs Miss KickersBuzzs Miss Kickers
Parkman Complex - Lower
CC Riders WomenCC Riders Women
Truro NSCC King St Field
City Centre Auto ServicesCity Centre Auto Services
Eastern StarsEastern Stars
Terrains de soccer du College Laval
Eliot River Ramblers LadiesEliot River Ramblers Ladies
Bluefield Field
FCR Blue Stars WomenFCR Blue Stars Women
Liebel Field
Mount Pleasant South
Fredericton Picaroons Reds WomenFredericton Picaroons Reds Women
Oromocto Turf
Fulton & Co LFCFulton & Co LFC
Valleyview Centennial Park
Fundy SC WomenFundy SC Women
Arthur Miller Field Upper
HNNK Hrvat St Catharines BHNNK Hrvat St Catharines B
Lancaster Park
Kal Tire Winos LFCKal Tire Winos LFC
West Highlands 2
Kingston ClippersKingston Clippers
Tindall Field
Metro ReloadersMetro Reloaders
Singh Bowl Park 1
North Shore Girls SCNorth Shore Girls SC
Windridge Park
Ottawa South United Force WomenOttawa South United Force Women
George Nelms Sports Park
Ronik Rockets LFCRonik Rockets LFC
Sahali SS Field
Smooth Effects LFCSmooth Effects LFC
Norkham SS Field
Soccer NB Academy WomenSoccer NB Academy Women
Moncton HS Soccer Field
Soccerquest LFCSoccerquest LFC
West Highlands 1
Soutana FCSoutana FC
Parc De Nos Etoiles
Sugar Mamas LFCSugar Mamas LFC
Singh Bowl Park 2
Summerside United LadiesSummerside United Ladies
Credit Union Place Turf Field
West Ottawa SCWest Ottawa SC
Wesley Clover Park
Wisla United SC WomenWisla United SC Women
River Oaks Turf

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Last updated: January 2023

Canadian Womens Teams Information

NameCanadian Womens Teams

Grounds in Canadian Womens Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Windridge Park home to North Shore Girls SC1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Canadian Womens Teams: 1,000 - Windridge Park
  • Smallest stadium in Canadian Womens Teams: 1,000 - Windridge Park
  • Total capacity in Canadian Womens Teams: 1,000
  • Average capacity in Canadian Womens Teams: 500

Best supported teams in Canadian Womens Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Soccer NB Academy Women1
2.Alliance United Ladies0
3.ANB Futbol0
4.Buzzs Miss Kickers0
5.CC Riders Women0
6.City Centre Auto Services0
7.Eastern Stars0
8.Eliot River Ramblers Ladies0
9.FCR Blue Stars Women0
10.Fredericton Picaroons Reds Women0
11.Fulton & Co LFC0
12.Fundy SC Women0
13.HNNK Hrvat St Catharines B0
14.Kal Tire Winos LFC0
15.Kingston Clippers0
16.Metro Reloaders0
17.North Shore Girls SC0
18.Ottawa South United Force Women0
19.Ronik Rockets LFC0
20.Smooth Effects LFC0
21.Soccerquest LFC0
22.Soutana FC0
23.Sugar Mamas LFC0
24.Summerside United Ladies0
25.West Ottawa SC0
26.Wisla United SC Women0
  • Most fans in Canadian Womens Teams: 1 - Soccer NB Academy Women
  • Fewest fans in Canadian Womens Teams: 0 - Wisla United SC Women
  • Total Canadian Womens Teams fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in Canadian Womens Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Canadian Womens Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Soccer NB Academy Women348.00
2.Alliance United Ladies0.00
3.ANB Futbol0.00
4.Buzzs Miss Kickers0.00
5.CC Riders Women0.00
6.City Centre Auto Services0.00
7.Eastern Stars0.00
8.Eliot River Ramblers Ladies0.00
9.FCR Blue Stars Women0.00
10.Fredericton Picaroons Reds Women0.00
11.Fulton & Co LFC0.00
12.Fundy SC Women0.00
13.HNNK Hrvat St Catharines B0.00
14.Kal Tire Winos LFC0.00
15.Kingston Clippers0.00
16.Metro Reloaders0.00
17.North Shore Girls SC0.00
18.Ottawa South United Force Women0.00
19.Ronik Rockets LFC0.00
20.Smooth Effects LFC0.00
21.Soccerquest LFC0.00
22.Soutana FC0.00
23.Sugar Mamas LFC0.00
24.Summerside United Ladies0.00
25.West Ottawa SC0.00
26.Wisla United SC Women0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Canadian Womens Teams: 348 grounds visited - Soccer NB Academy Women
  • Least travelled fans in Canadian Womens Teams: 0 grounds visited - Wisla United SC Women
  • Average # grounds visited in Canadian Womens Teams: 12.89

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