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Other Canadian Teams Football Grounds in Canada

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Other Canadian Teams 0/40 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Brampton Lions 
Victoria Park
Brantford Galaxy 
Lions Park
Concordia Stingers 
Concordia Stadium
Concordia University of Edmonton 
Thunder Soccer Field
Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC 
Percy Perry Stadium
CS Fabrose 
Parc Cartier
Eastglen High School Edmonton 
Eastglen High School - Soccer Field
Hamilton Croatia 
Croatian Sport and Community Centre
Tim Hortons Field (old ground)
Italy - Edmonton 
Giovanni Caboto Park - Edmonton
Kamloops Heat 
Hillside Stadium
Khalsa Sporting Club 
Queens Park
Langley Athletic 
McLeod Athletic Park
Manitoba Bisons 
University Stadium (Winnipeg)
McGill Redmen 
Percival Molson Memorial Stadium
Memorial University Seahawks 
King George V Park
Mid-Isle Mariners 
Ladysmith Turf - Forrest Field
NDSS Turf Field
Caledonia Park
Merle Logan Field (old ground)
Bishop Reding CSS
Montreal Impact Academy 
Saputo Stadium
Lamport Stadium (old ground)
North Toronto Nitros 
Varsity Stadium
North York Astros 
Esther Shiner Stadium
Okanagan Challenge 
Apple Bowl
Penticton Pinnacles 
Kings Park
Port Moody SC 
Trasolini Field
Portugal FC 
Lamport Stadium
Sanjaxx Lions 
Monarch Park Stadium
Saskatchewan Huskies 
Griffiths Stadium
SC Waterloo Region 
Warrior Field
Serbian White Eagles 
Centennial Park Stadium
Sherbrooke Vert et Or 
Universite de Sherbrooke Stadium
St Catharines Wolves 
Club Roma
Toronto Croatia 
Hershey Centre
Toronto FC Academy 
BMO Training Ground & Academy
Lamport Stadium (old ground)
UNBSJ Seawolves 
Canada Games Stadium
University of Alberta - Golden Bears - Edmonton 
Foote Field-Turf
Saville Community Sports Centre - Soccer Field (old ground)
University of Alberta - Pandas - Edmonton 
Saville Community Sports Centre - Soccer Field
Vancouver Thunderbirds 
Thunderbird Stadium
Vancouver United 
Empire Fields
York Region Shooters 
Ontario Soccer Centre

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Grounds in Other Canadian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Empire Fields home to Vancouver United27,528
2.Saputo Stadium home to Montreal Impact Academy20,801
3.Lamport Stadium home to Portugal FC9,600
4.Hershey Centre home to Toronto Croatia5,400
5.Monarch Park Stadium home to Sanjaxx Lions5,000
6.BMO Training Ground & Academy home to Toronto FC Academy2,000
7.Victoria Park home to Brampton Lions2,000
8.Percy Perry Stadium home to Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC1,482
9.Ontario Soccer Centre home to York Region Shooters1,000
  • Average capacity in Other Canadian Teams: 7,481

Best supported teams in Other Canadian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Toronto FC Academy1
2.Brampton Lions0
3.Brantford Galaxy0
4.Concordia Stingers0
5.Concordia University of Edmonton0
6.Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC0
7.CS Fabrose0
8.Eastglen High School Edmonton0
9.Hamilton Croatia0
10.Italy - Edmonton0
11.Kamloops Heat0
12.Khalsa Sporting Club0
13.Langley Athletic0
14.Manitoba Bisons0
15.McGill Redmen0
16.Memorial University Seahawks0
17.Mid-Isle Mariners0
19.Montreal Impact Academy0
20.North Toronto Nitros0
21.North York Astros0
22.Okanagan Challenge0
23.Penticton Pinnacles0
24.Port Moody SC0
25.Portugal FC0
26.Sanjaxx Lions0
27.Saskatchewan Huskies0
28.SC Waterloo Region0
29.Serbian White Eagles0
30.Sherbrooke Vert et Or0
31.St Catharines Wolves0
32.Toronto Croatia0
33.UNBSJ Seawolves0
34.University of Alberta - Golden Bears - Edmonton0
35.University of Alberta - Pandas - Edmonton0
36.Vancouver Thunderbirds0
37.Vancouver United0
38.York Region Shooters0
  • Average # fans in Other Canadian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Canadian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Toronto FC Academy0.00
2.Brampton Lions0.00
3.Brantford Galaxy0.00
4.Concordia Stingers0.00
5.Concordia University of Edmonton0.00
6.Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC0.00
7.CS Fabrose0.00
8.Eastglen High School Edmonton0.00
9.Hamilton Croatia0.00
10.Italy - Edmonton0.00
11.Kamloops Heat0.00
12.Khalsa Sporting Club0.00
13.Langley Athletic0.00
14.Manitoba Bisons0.00
15.McGill Redmen0.00
16.Memorial University Seahawks0.00
17.Mid-Isle Mariners0.00
19.Montreal Impact Academy0.00
20.North Toronto Nitros0.00
21.North York Astros0.00
22.Okanagan Challenge0.00
23.Penticton Pinnacles0.00
24.Port Moody SC0.00
25.Portugal FC0.00
26.Sanjaxx Lions0.00
27.Saskatchewan Huskies0.00
28.SC Waterloo Region0.00
29.Serbian White Eagles0.00
30.Sherbrooke Vert et Or0.00
31.St Catharines Wolves0.00
32.Toronto Croatia0.00
33.UNBSJ Seawolves0.00
34.University of Alberta - Golden Bears - Edmonton0.00
35.University of Alberta - Pandas - Edmonton0.00
36.Vancouver Thunderbirds0.00
37.Vancouver United0.00
38.York Region Shooters0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Canadian Teams: 0.00

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