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Canadian Teams 0/13 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Brampton Lions 
Victoria Park
Brantford Galaxy 
Lions Park
Hamilton Croatia 
Brian TImmis Stadium
London City 
Cove Road
Bishop Reding CSS
Montreal Impact Academy 
Saputo Stadium
Lamport Stadium (old ground)
North York Astros 
Esther Shiner Stadium
Portugal FC 
Lamport Stadium
Serbian White Eagles 
Centennial Park Stadium
St Catharines Wolves 
Club Roma
Toronto Croatia 
Hershey Centre
Toronto FC Academy 
Lamport Stadium
York Region Shooters 
Ontario Soccer Centre

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Best supported teams in Canadian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Toronto FC Academy1
2.Brampton Lions0
3.Brantford Galaxy0
4.Hamilton Croatia0
5.London City0
7.Montreal Impact Academy0
8.North York Astros0
9.Portugal FC0
10.Serbian White Eagles0
11.St Catharines Wolves0
12.Toronto Croatia0
13.York Region Shooters0
  • Average # fans in Canadian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Canadian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Toronto FC Academy0.00
2.Brampton Lions0.00
3.Brantford Galaxy0.00
4.Hamilton Croatia0.00
5.London City0.00
7.Montreal Impact Academy0.00
8.North York Astros0.00
9.Portugal FC0.00
10.Serbian White Eagles0.00
11.St Catharines Wolves0.00
12.Toronto Croatia0.00
13.York Region Shooters0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Canadian Teams: 0.00

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Canadian Teams

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