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Ligue A Football Grounds in Burundi

Map of Ligue A stadiums

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List of Ligue A stadiums

0/26 grounds visited (0%)

Aigle Noir MakambaAigle Noir Makamba
Stade Municipal Muyinga
Stade Peace Park Progress
Stade Makamba
Stade Ingoma
Urunani Stadium
Stade Intwari
Stade Intwari
Flambeau du CentreFlambeau du Centre
Stade Ingoma
Inter StarInter Star
Centre Technique National
Stade Intwari
Kayanza UnitedKayanza United
Stade Urukundo
Stade Ingoma
Stade Municipal Muyinga
Le Messager NgoziLe Messager Ngozi
Stade Agasaka
Stade Urukundo
LLB AmasipiriLLB Amasipiri
Stade Intwari
Magara Young BoysMagara Young Boys
Magara Football Stadium
Moso Sugar Company FCMoso Sugar Company FC
Stade Ingoma
Olympic StarOlympic Star
Stade Municipal Muyinga
Urunani Stadium
Stade Intwari
Stade Ingoma
Tigre NoirTigre Noir
Stade Ruyigi
Stade Intwari
Stade Omnisports Ivyizigiro

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Last updated: August 2023

Ligue A Information

NameLigue A
Level on pyramid1

Grounds in Ligue A Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Peace Park Progress home to Aigle Noir Makamba21,600
2.Stade Intwari home to Dynamik10,000
3.Stade Intwari home to Bumamuru10,000
4.Stade Intwari home to LLB Amasipiri10,000
5.Stade Intwari home to Rukinzo10,000
6.Stade Intwari home to VitalO10,000
7.Stade Intwari home to Inter Star10,000
8.Stade Municipal Muyinga home to Olympic Star10,000
9.Stade Municipal Muyinga home to Aigle Noir Makamba10,000
10.Stade Municipal Muyinga home to Kayanza United10,000
11.Urunani Stadium home to Rukinzo7,000
12.Urunani Stadium home to Bumamuru7,000
13.Stade Omnisports Ivyizigiro home to VitalO5,418
14.Stade Ingoma home to Telaviv5,000
15.Stade Ingoma home to Flambeau du Centre5,000
16.Stade Ingoma home to Kayanza United5,000
17.Stade Ingoma home to Aigle Noir Makamba5,000
18.Stade Ingoma home to Musongati5,000
19.Stade Urukundo home to Le Messager Ngozi5,000
20.Stade Urukundo home to Kayanza United5,000
21.Stade Agasaka home to Le Messager Ngozi4,000
22.Stade Ruyigi home to Tigre Noir2,500
23.Centre Technique National home to Inter Star1,000
24.Stade Makamba home to Aigle Noir Makamba1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Ligue A: 21,600 - Stade Peace Park Progress
  • Smallest stadium in Ligue A: 1,000 - Stade Makamba
  • Total capacity in Ligue A: 174,518
  • Average capacity in Ligue A: 6,981

Best supported teams in Ligue A

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Aigle Noir Makamba0
4.Flambeau du Centre0
5.Inter Star0
6.Kayanza United0
7.Le Messager Ngozi0
8.LLB Amasipiri0
9.Magara Young Boys0
10.Moso Sugar Company FC0
12.Olympic Star0
15.Tigre Noir0
  • Most fans in Ligue A: 0 - Aigle Noir Makamba
  • Fewest fans in Ligue A: 0 - VitalO
  • Total Ligue A fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Ligue A: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Ligue A?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Aigle Noir Makamba0.00
4.Flambeau du Centre0.00
5.Inter Star0.00
6.Kayanza United0.00
7.Le Messager Ngozi0.00
8.LLB Amasipiri0.00
9.Magara Young Boys0.00
10.Moso Sugar Company FC0.00
12.Olympic Star0.00
15.Tigre Noir0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Ligue A: 0 grounds visited - Aigle Noir Makamba
  • Least travelled fans in Ligue A: 0 grounds visited - VitalO
  • Average # grounds visited in Ligue A: 0.00

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