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Premier League Football Grounds in Botswana

Premier League 0/33 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Botswana Defence Force XI 
Botswana Railway Highlanders 
Molepolole Stadium
Selebi-Phikwe Stadium
Francistown Stadium
Palapye Stadium
Extension Gunners 
Lobatse Stadium
Botswana Police College Stadium
Gaborone United 
National Stadium
UB Stadium
Molepolole Stadium
Gilport Lions 
Lobatse Stadium
Jwaneng Galaxy 
Galaxy Stadium
Miscellaneous SC Serowe 
Itekeng Stadium
Selebi-Phikwe Stadium
DH Moore Stadium
Palapye Stadium
Serowe Stadium
Moruple Wanderers 
Palapye Stadium
Molepolole Stadium
Otse Stadium
Orapa United 
Itekeng Stadium
Police XI 
Otse Stadium
Prisons XI 
Botswana Police College Stadium
Molepolole Stadium
Security Systems FC 
Lobatse Stadium
Shooting Stars 
UB Stadium
Molepolole Stadium (old ground)
Francistown Stadium
Township Rollers 
National Stadium
UB Stadium
Molepolole Stadium

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Grounds in Premier League Ordered by Capacity

1.Francistown Stadium home to TAFIC27,000
2.Francistown Stadium home to Botswana Railway Highlanders27,000
3.National Stadium home to Gaborone United22,000
4.National Stadium home to Township Rollers22,000
5.Lobatse Stadium home to Extension Gunners20,000
6.Lobatse Stadium home to Security Systems FC20,000
7.Lobatse Stadium home to Gilport Lions20,000
8.UB Stadium home to Shooting Stars10,000
9.UB Stadium home to Gaborone United10,000
10.UB Stadium home to Township Rollers10,000
11.Selebi-Phikwe Stadium home to Miscellaneous SC Serowe9,000
12.Selebi-Phikwe Stadium home to Botswana Railway Highlanders9,000
13.Molepolole Stadium home to Prisons XI6,600
14.Molepolole Stadium home to Notwane6,600
15.Molepolole Stadium home to Gaborone United6,600
16.Molepolole Stadium home to Township Rollers6,600
17.Molepolole Stadium home to Botswana Railway Highlanders6,600
18.Itekeng Stadium home to Miscellaneous SC Serowe5,000
19.Itekeng Stadium home to Orapa United5,000
20.SSKB-Stadium home to Gaborone United5,000
21.SSKB-Stadium home to Prisons XI5,000
22.SSKB-Stadium home to Botswana Defence Force XI5,000
23.SSKB-Stadium home to Notwane5,000
24.Serowe Stadium home to Miscellaneous SC Serowe3,500
25.DH Moore Stadium home to Miscellaneous SC Serowe2,000
26.Galaxy Stadium home to Jwaneng Galaxy2,000
27.Otse Stadium home to Police XI2,000
28.Otse Stadium home to Notwane2,000
29.Botswana Police College Stadium home to Extension Gunners1,500
30.Botswana Police College Stadium home to Prisons XI1,500
31.Palapye Stadium home to Botswana Railway Highlanders1,000
32.Palapye Stadium home to Moruple Wanderers1,000
33.Palapye Stadium home to Miscellaneous SC Serowe1,000
  • Average capacity in Premier League: 8,426

Best supported teams in Premier League

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Botswana Defence Force XI0
2.Botswana Railway Highlanders0
3.Extension Gunners0
4.Gaborone United0
5.Gilport Lions0
6.Jwaneng Galaxy0
7.Miscellaneous SC Serowe0
8.Moruple Wanderers0
10.Orapa United0
11.Police XI0
12.Prisons XI0
13.Security Systems FC0
14.Shooting Stars0
16.Township Rollers0
  • Average # fans in Premier League: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Premier League?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Botswana Defence Force XI0.00
2.Botswana Railway Highlanders0.00
3.Extension Gunners0.00
4.Gaborone United0.00
5.Gilport Lions0.00
6.Jwaneng Galaxy0.00
7.Miscellaneous SC Serowe0.00
8.Moruple Wanderers0.00
10.Orapa United0.00
11.Police XI0.00
12.Prisons XI0.00
13.Security Systems FC0.00
14.Shooting Stars0.00
16.Township Rollers0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Premier League: 0.00

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