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other Bosnian Teams Football Grounds in Bosnia

Map of other Bosnian Teams stadiums

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List of other Bosnian Teams stadiums

0/25 grounds visited (0%)

Bosna VisokoBosna Visoko
Stadion Luke u Visokom
Stadion Bjelave
FK Buducnost PilicaFK Buducnost Pilica
Stadion FK Buducnost Pilica
FK Jedinstvo BrckoFK Jedinstvo Brcko
Gradski stadion Brcko
FK Krajina CazinFK Krajina Cazin
Gradski Stadion
FK KrupaFK Krupa
Gradski stadion Krupa
FK Olimpik SarajevoFK Olimpik Sarajevo
Otoka Stadium
Stadion Jaklic
Metalleghe-BSI JajceMetalleghe-BSI Jajce
Stadion Mracaj
Napredak Donji SepakNapredak Donji Sepak
Stadion FK Napredak
NK Novi TravnikNK Novi Travnik
Gradski stadion Novi Travnik
Stadion Jaklic
NK TravnikNK Travnik
Stadion Pirota
NK Vir PosusjeNK Vir Posusje
Malo Polje
NK VitezNK Vitez
Gradski stadion Vitez
Novi Stadion Orasje
Podrinje JanjaPodrinje Janja
Stadion Podrinje
Radnicki LukavacRadnicki Lukavac
Stadion Josik
Radnik BumerangRadnik Bumerang
Stadion Etno Selo Stanisici
Slaven ZiviniceSlaven Zivinice
Gradski Stadion Zivinice
Sloboda Novi GradSloboda Novi Grad
Stadion Mlakve
Sloga Gornje CrnjelovoSloga Gornje Crnjelovo
Stadion Velika Obarska
Stadion Lukovaca
Tekstilac DerventaTekstilac Derventa
Stadion FK Tekstilac
Zeljeznicar DobojZeljeznicar Doboj
15 April Stadium

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Last updated: August 2023

other Bosnian Teams Information

Nameother Bosnian Teams

Grounds in other Bosnian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Stadion Jaklic home to Iskra11,000
2.Stadion Jaklic home to NK Novi Travnik11,000
3.Gradski Stadion home to FK Krajina Cazin6,000
4.Stadion Luke u Visokom home to Bosna Visoko5,200
5.Otoka Stadium home to FK Olimpik Sarajevo5,000
6.Stadion Mracaj home to Metalleghe-BSI Jajce4,300
7.Gradski stadion Brcko home to FK Jedinstvo Brcko4,000
8.Stadion Podrinje home to Podrinje Janja4,000
9.Stadion Pirota home to NK Travnik3,200
10.Gradski stadion Vitez home to NK Vitez3,000
11.Novi Stadion Orasje home to Orasje3,000
12.Stadion Bjelave home to Capljina3,000
13.Gradski Stadion Zivinice home to Slaven Zivinice2,000
14.Stadion Velika Obarska home to Sloga Gornje Crnjelovo1,500
15.Gradski stadion Krupa home to FK Krupa1,000
16.Gradski stadion Novi Travnik home to NK Novi Travnik1,000
17.Malo Polje home to NK Vir Posusje1,000
18.Stadion Etno Selo Stanisici home to Radnik Bumerang1,000
19.Stadion FK Napredak home to Napredak Donji Sepak1,000
20.Stadion FK Tekstilac home to Tekstilac Derventa1,000
21.Stadion Lukovaca home to Sloga Gornje Crnjelovo1,000
  • Biggest stadium in other Bosnian Teams: 11,000 - Stadion Jaklic
  • Smallest stadium in other Bosnian Teams: 1,000 - Stadion Lukovaca
  • Total capacity in other Bosnian Teams: 73,200
  • Average capacity in other Bosnian Teams: 3,327

Best supported teams in other Bosnian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.NK Travnik1
2.Bosna Visoko0
4.FK Buducnost Pilica0
5.FK Jedinstvo Brcko0
6.FK Krajina Cazin0
7.FK Krupa0
8.FK Olimpik Sarajevo0
10.Metalleghe-BSI Jajce0
11.Napredak Donji Sepak0
12.NK Novi Travnik0
13.NK Vir Posusje0
14.NK Vitez0
16.Podrinje Janja0
17.Radnicki Lukavac0
18.Radnik Bumerang0
19.Slaven Zivinice0
20.Sloboda Novi Grad0
21.Sloga Gornje Crnjelovo0
22.Tekstilac Derventa0
23.Zeljeznicar Doboj0
  • Most fans in other Bosnian Teams: 1 - NK Travnik
  • Fewest fans in other Bosnian Teams: 0 - Zeljeznicar Doboj
  • Total other Bosnian Teams fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in other Bosnian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in other Bosnian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.NK Travnik0.00
2.Bosna Visoko0.00
4.FK Buducnost Pilica0.00
5.FK Jedinstvo Brcko0.00
6.FK Krajina Cazin0.00
7.FK Krupa0.00
8.FK Olimpik Sarajevo0.00
10.Metalleghe-BSI Jajce0.00
11.Napredak Donji Sepak0.00
12.NK Novi Travnik0.00
13.NK Vir Posusje0.00
14.NK Vitez0.00
16.Podrinje Janja0.00
17.Radnicki Lukavac0.00
18.Radnik Bumerang0.00
19.Slaven Zivinice0.00
20.Sloboda Novi Grad0.00
21.Sloga Gornje Crnjelovo0.00
22.Tekstilac Derventa0.00
23.Zeljeznicar Doboj0.00
  • Most travelled fans in other Bosnian Teams: 0 grounds visited - NK Travnik
  • Least travelled fans in other Bosnian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Zeljeznicar Doboj
  • Average # grounds visited in other Bosnian Teams: 0.00

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