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Provincial Luxembourg Football Grounds in Belgium

Map of Provincial Luxembourg stadiums

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List of Provincial Luxembourg stadiums

0/14 grounds visited (0%)

Ethe BelmontEthe Belmont
Stade Charles Sevais
Terrain de Gouvy
Jeunesse FreylangeoiseJeunesse Freylangeoise
Terrain de Freylange
Lorraine ArlonLorraine Arlon
Stade du FC Jeunesse Lorraine Arlonaise
Terrain dOppagne
RES ChaumontRES Chaumont
Centre Sportif Andre Docquier
RESC HouffaloiseRESC Houffaloise
Stade St Roch
RFC MessancyRFC Messancy
Terrain de Messancy
RLC BastogneRLC Bastogne
Stade des Recollets
ROC RochoisROC Rochois
La Roche-en-Ardenne
RRC LonglierRRC Longlier
Terrain du RRC Longlier
RUS AssenoisRUS Assenois
Assenois Terrain
Stade Fernand Brasseur
Complexe ES Vaux

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Last updated: August 2022

Provincial Luxembourg Information

NameProvincial Luxembourg
Level on pyramid6
Same level asProvincial Antwerpen
Provincial Brabant ACFF
Provincial Brabant VFV
Provincial Hainaut
Provincial Liege
Provincial Limburg
Provincial Namur
Provincial Oost-Vlaanderen
Provincial West-Vlaanderen
Promotion to (one of)Division 3 ACFF A
Division 3 ACFF B
Division 3 VFV A
Division 3 VFV B

Grounds in Provincial Luxembourg Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade du FC Jeunesse Lorraine Arlonaise home to Lorraine Arlon4,000
2.Terrain dOppagne home to Oppagne-Weris1,500
3.Centre Sportif Andre Docquier home to RES Chaumont1,000
4.Complexe ES Vaux home to Vaux-Noville1,000
5.La Roche-en-Ardenne home to ROC Rochois1,000
6.Stade Charles Sevais home to Ethe Belmont500
7.Stade Fernand Brasseur home to Sartoise500
8.Terrain de Freylange home to Jeunesse Freylangeoise500
9.Terrain de Gouvy home to Gouvy500
  • Biggest stadium in Provincial Luxembourg: 4,000 - Stade du FC Jeunesse Lorraine Arlonaise
  • Smallest stadium in Provincial Luxembourg: 500 - Terrain de Gouvy
  • Total capacity in Provincial Luxembourg: 10,500
  • Average capacity in Provincial Luxembourg: 1,050

Best supported teams in Provincial Luxembourg

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Ethe Belmont0
3.Jeunesse Freylangeoise0
4.Lorraine Arlon0
6.RES Chaumont0
7.RESC Houffaloise0
8.RFC Messancy0
9.RLC Bastogne0
10.ROC Rochois0
11.RRC Longlier0
12.RUS Assenois0
  • Most fans in Provincial Luxembourg: 0 - Ethe Belmont
  • Fewest fans in Provincial Luxembourg: 0 - Vaux-Noville
  • Total Provincial Luxembourg fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Provincial Luxembourg: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Provincial Luxembourg?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Ethe Belmont0.00
3.Jeunesse Freylangeoise0.00
4.Lorraine Arlon0.00
6.RES Chaumont0.00
7.RESC Houffaloise0.00
8.RFC Messancy0.00
9.RLC Bastogne0.00
10.ROC Rochois0.00
11.RRC Longlier0.00
12.RUS Assenois0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Provincial Luxembourg: 0 grounds visited - Ethe Belmont
  • Least travelled fans in Provincial Luxembourg: 0 grounds visited - Vaux-Noville
  • Average # grounds visited in Provincial Luxembourg: 0.00

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