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Vysheyshaya Liga Football Grounds in Belarus

Map of Vysheyshaya Liga stadiums

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List of Vysheyshaya Liga stadiums

0/24 grounds visited (0%)

Arsenal DzyarzhynskArsenal Dzyarzhynsk
Dzyarzhynsk Stadium
BATE BorisovBATE Borisov
Borisov Arena
Haradski Stadium Borisov
Belshina BobruiskBelshina Bobruisk
Spartak Stadium
Stadyen Alexander Prokopenko
Dinamo MinskDinamo Minsk
Traktor Stadium
Dinamo Stadium
KFP Minsk Iskusstvennoe pole
Dnepr MogilevDnepr Mogilev
Spartak Stadium
Dynamo BrestDynamo Brest
OSK Brestskiy
Stadyen Junost
Stadyen RTsOP-BGU
FC MinskFC Minsk
FC Minsk Stadium
KFP Minsk Iskusstvennoe pole
Torpedo Stadium (old ground)
FC SlutskFC Slutsk
City Stadium
Central Stadium
Stadyen Alexander Prokopenko
FC Minsk Stadium
Molodechno Haradzki Stadion (old ground)
Neman GrodnoNeman Grodno
Neman Stadium
Shakhtyor SoligorskShakhtyor Soligorsk
Stroitel Stadium
Stadyen Shakhtsyor
Slavia-Mozyr FCSlavia-Mozyr FC
Stadyen Junatsva
Torpedo Stadium
Vitebsky CSK

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Last updated: April 2022

Vysheyshaya Liga Information

NameVysheyshaya Liga
Level on pyramid1
Relegation to1 Division

Grounds in Vysheyshaya Liga Ordered by Capacity

1.Dinamo Stadium home to Dinamo Minsk22,000
2.Traktor Stadium home to Dinamo Minsk17,568
3.Neman Stadium home to Neman Grodno15,000
4.Central Stadium home to Gomel14,307
5.Borisov Arena home to BATE Borisov13,126
6.OSK Brestskiy home to Dynamo Brest10,060
7.Vitebsky CSK home to Vitebsk8,144
8.Spartak Stadium home to Dnepr Mogilev7,990
9.Stadyen Junost home to Dynamo Brest5,500
10.Haradski Stadium Borisov home to BATE Borisov5,402
11.Stadyen Junatsva home to Slavia-Mozyr FC5,300
12.Stroitel Stadium home to Shakhtyor Soligorsk4,200
13.Spartak Stadium home to Belshina Bobruisk3,700
14.FC Minsk Stadium home to FC Minsk3,100
15.FC Minsk Stadium home to Isloch3,100
16.Torpedo Stadium home to Torpedo-BelAZ3,020
17.Stadyen Alexander Prokopenko home to Gomel3,000
18.Stadyen Alexander Prokopenko home to Belshina Bobruisk3,000
19.Stadyen Shakhtsyor home to Shakhtyor Soligorsk3,000
20.City Stadium home to FC Slutsk1,896
21.Stadyen RTsOP-BGU home to Energetyk-BGU1,500
22.Dzyarzhynsk Stadium home to Arsenal Dzyarzhynsk1,100
23.KFP Minsk Iskusstvennoe pole home to FC Minsk1,000
24.KFP Minsk Iskusstvennoe pole home to Dinamo Minsk1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Vysheyshaya Liga: 22,000 - Dinamo Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Vysheyshaya Liga: 1,000 - KFP Minsk Iskusstvennoe pole
  • Total capacity in Vysheyshaya Liga: 157,013
  • Average capacity in Vysheyshaya Liga: 6,281

Best supported teams in Vysheyshaya Liga

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.BATE Borisov4
2.Dinamo Minsk1
3.FC Slutsk1
4.Neman Grodno1
5.Shakhtyor Soligorsk1
6.Arsenal Dzyarzhynsk0
7.Belshina Bobruisk0
8.Dnepr Mogilev0
9.Dynamo Brest0
11.FC Minsk0
14.Slavia-Mozyr FC0
  • Most fans in Vysheyshaya Liga: 4 - BATE Borisov
  • Fewest fans in Vysheyshaya Liga: 0 - Vitebsk
  • Total Vysheyshaya Liga fans: 8
  • Average number of fans in Vysheyshaya Liga: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Vysheyshaya Liga?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.BATE Borisov119.75
2.Shakhtyor Soligorsk117.00
3.Dinamo Minsk13.00
4.Neman Grodno12.00
5.FC Slutsk0.00
6.Arsenal Dzyarzhynsk0.00
7.Belshina Bobruisk0.00
8.Dnepr Mogilev0.00
9.Dynamo Brest0.00
11.FC Minsk0.00
14.Slavia-Mozyr FC0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Vysheyshaya Liga: 120 grounds visited - BATE Borisov
  • Least travelled fans in Vysheyshaya Liga: 0 grounds visited - Vitebsk
  • Average # grounds visited in Vysheyshaya Liga: 15.40

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