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Belarusian Team Football Grounds in Belarus

Map of Belarusian Team stadiums

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List of Belarusian Team stadiums

0/39 grounds visited (0%)

Belshina Bobruisk IIBelshina Bobruisk II
Spartak Stadium
BGU MinskBGU Minsk
RCOR-BGU Stadium
Chayka ZelvaChayka Zelva
Stadion Kolos
Stadyen Skolnyj
Molodechno Haradzki Stadion
Dynamo Brest IIDynamo Brest II
OSK Brestskiy
Energetik BGATUEnergetik BGATU
BGATU Stadium
FC Dnyapro MCHZFC Dnyapro MCHZ
Spartak Stadium
FC OshmyanyFC Oshmyany
FOK Stadium
FC SmolevichyFC Smolevichy
Stadyen FLC Oktyabrsky
Stadion Ozerny
Haradski Stadium Smolevichi
FK BumpromFK Bumprom
Stadyen DYuSSh-8
FK GranitFK Granit
Polesye Stadium
Stadion Granit
FK PolotskFK Polotsk
Stadyen Spartak Polotsk
FK UzdaFK Uzda
City Stadium
FK ZhlobinFK Zhlobin
Stadyen Lakamatyu
City Stadium
Gorodeya Stadium
Stadyen Uradshay
DYuSSh Stadium
Khimik SvetlogorskKhimik Svetlogorsk
Stadyen Bumashnik
City Stadium
Kronon StolbtsyKronon Stolbtsy
Stadyen Junatsva Stolbtsy
FC Minsk Stadium
Meliorator ZhitkovichiMeliorator Zhitkovichi
Haradski Stadium Zhitkovicho
NFK MinskNFK Minsk
FC Minsk Stadium
Yunost Stadium
Ostrovets FCOstrovets FC
Stadion Astravets
Pershiy Region MaloritaPershiy Region Malorita
Stadion Malaryta
Rukh BrestRukh Brest
Stadyen Junost
Haradski Stadium Smolevichi
Stenles PinskStenles Pinsk
Akademiya Futbola
Tarpeda MinskTarpeda Minsk
Torpedo Stadium
Traktor Stadium
SOK Olympijskij
FC Minsk Stadium
Viktoriya Maryina HorkaViktoriya Maryina Horka
City Stadium

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Last updated: April 2022

Belarusian Team Information

NameBelarusian Team

Grounds in Belarusian Team Ordered by Capacity

1.Traktor Stadium home to Tarpeda Minsk17,568
2.OSK Brestskiy home to Dynamo Brest II10,060
3.Spartak Stadium home to FC Dnyapro MCHZ7,990
4.Torpedo Stadium home to Tarpeda Minsk6,524
5.Stadyen Junost home to Rukh Brest5,500
6.Molodechno Haradzki Stadion home to CIST4,800
7.Stadyen Spartak Polotsk home to FK Polotsk4,032
8.Spartak Stadium home to Belshina Bobruisk II3,700
9.Polesye Stadium home to FK Granit3,136
10.FC Minsk Stadium home to NFK Minsk3,100
11.FC Minsk Stadium home to Krumkachy3,100
12.FC Minsk Stadium home to Tarpeda Minsk3,100
13.City Stadium home to FK Uzda2,500
14.Stadyen Uradshay home to Gorodeya2,500
15.Yunost Stadium home to Osipovichi2,500
16.Stadyen Lakamatyu home to FK Zhlobin2,400
17.City Stadium home to Viktoriya Maryina Horka2,000
18.Haradski Stadium Smolevichi home to SMIautotrans2,000
19.Haradski Stadium Smolevichi home to FC Smolevichy2,000
20.Stadion Ozerny home to FC Smolevichy2,000
21.SOK Olympijskij home to Tarpeda Minsk1,630
22.Gorodeya Stadium home to Gorodeya1,625
23.Haradski Stadium Zhitkovicho home to Meliorator Zhitkovichi1,500
24.RCOR-BGU Stadium home to BGU Minsk1,500
25.Stadyen Bumashnik home to Khimik Svetlogorsk1,500
26.BGATU Stadium home to Energetik BGATU1,300
27.Akademiya Futbola home to Stenles Pinsk1,000
28.City Stadium home to Kletsk1,000
29.City Stadium home to Gorki1,000
30.DYuSSh Stadium home to Ivatsevichi1,000
31.FOK Stadium home to FC Oshmyany1,000
32.Stadion Astravets home to Ostrovets FC1,000
33.Stadion Granit home to FK Granit1,000
34.Stadion Kolos home to Chayka Zelva1,000
35.Stadion Malaryta home to Pershiy Region Malorita1,000
36.Stadyen DYuSSh-8 home to FK Bumprom1,000
37.Stadyen FLC Oktyabrsky home to FC Smolevichy1,000
38.Stadyen Junatsva Stolbtsy home to Kronon Stolbtsy600
39.Stadyen Skolnyj home to CIST500
  • Biggest stadium in Belarusian Team: 17,568 - Traktor Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Belarusian Team: 500 - Stadyen Skolnyj
  • Total capacity in Belarusian Team: 111,665
  • Average capacity in Belarusian Team: 2,792

Best supported teams in Belarusian Team

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Belshina Bobruisk II0
2.BGU Minsk0
3.Chayka Zelva0
5.Dynamo Brest II0
6.Energetik BGATU0
7.FC Dnyapro MCHZ0
8.FC Oshmyany0
9.FC Smolevichy0
10.FK Bumprom0
11.FK Granit0
12.FK Polotsk0
13.FK Uzda0
14.FK Zhlobin0
18.Khimik Svetlogorsk0
20.Kronon Stolbtsy0
22.Meliorator Zhitkovichi0
23.NFK Minsk0
25.Ostrovets FC0
26.Pershiy Region Malorita0
27.Rukh Brest0
29.Stenles Pinsk0
30.Tarpeda Minsk0
31.Viktoriya Maryina Horka0
  • Most fans in Belarusian Team: 0 - Belshina Bobruisk II
  • Fewest fans in Belarusian Team: 0 - Viktoriya Maryina Horka
  • Total Belarusian Team fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Belarusian Team: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Belarusian Team?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Belshina Bobruisk II0.00
2.BGU Minsk0.00
3.Chayka Zelva0.00
5.Dynamo Brest II0.00
6.Energetik BGATU0.00
7.FC Dnyapro MCHZ0.00
8.FC Oshmyany0.00
9.FC Smolevichy0.00
10.FK Bumprom0.00
11.FK Granit0.00
12.FK Polotsk0.00
13.FK Uzda0.00
14.FK Zhlobin0.00
18.Khimik Svetlogorsk0.00
20.Kronon Stolbtsy0.00
22.Meliorator Zhitkovichi0.00
23.NFK Minsk0.00
25.Ostrovets FC0.00
26.Pershiy Region Malorita0.00
27.Rukh Brest0.00
29.Stenles Pinsk0.00
30.Tarpeda Minsk0.00
31.Viktoriya Maryina Horka0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Belarusian Team: 0 grounds visited - Belshina Bobruisk II
  • Least travelled fans in Belarusian Team: 0 grounds visited - Viktoriya Maryina Horka
  • Average # grounds visited in Belarusian Team: 0.00

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