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Other Austrian Teams 0/33 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
1. FC Vocklabruck 
ATV Irdning 
ATV Arena
Austria Wien Amateure 
Horr Stadion
DSV Leoben 
Donawitz Stadium
Favoritner AC 
FavAC - Platz
FC Blau-Weiss Linz 
FC Gratkorn 
Sportstadion Gratkorn
FC Kufstein 
Kufstein Arena
FC Lustenau 07 
FC Magna Wiener Neustadt 
Stadion Wiener Neustadt
FC Stadlau 
OMV-Sportanlage Stadlau
First Vienna 
Hohe Warte Stadium
Floridsdorfer AC 
Kapfenberger SV 
Franz Fekete Stadium
Kremser SC 
Sepp Doll Stadion
LASK Linz 
Linzer Stadion
Red Bull Juniors Salzburg 
Wals Siezenheim Stadium
SC Austria Lustenau 
SC Kalsdorf 
Sportzentrum Kalsdorf
SC Rheindorf Altach 
Stadion Schnabelholz
SC Schwaz 
Silberstadt Arena
SK Austria Karnten 
Worthersee Stadion
SK Raiffeisen 
Parkstadion Zell Am Ziller
SV Austria Salzburg 
My Phone Austria Stadion
SV Grodig 
SV Horn 
Sportplatz Horn
TSV Hartberg 
Stadion Hartberg
TSV Pollau 
Union Aspach-Wildenau 
Ford-Destinger Arena
USC Eugendorf 
Stadium Sportzentrum Eugendorf
WAC St Andra 
Wacker Innsbruck 
Tivoli Neu
Wiener Sportklub 

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Best supported teams in Other Austrian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.1. FC Vocklabruck4
2.Wacker Innsbruck2
3.Kapfenberger SV1
4.LASK Linz1
5.SK Austria Karnten1
6.ATV Irdning0
7.Austria Wien Amateure0
8.DSV Leoben0
9.Favoritner AC0
10.FC Blau-Weiss Linz0
11.FC Gratkorn0
12.FC Kufstein0
13.FC Lustenau 070
14.FC Magna Wiener Neustadt0
15.FC Stadlau0
16.First Vienna0
17.Floridsdorfer AC0
18.Kremser SC0
19.Red Bull Juniors Salzburg0
20.SC Austria Lustenau0
21.SC Kalsdorf0
22.SC Rheindorf Altach0
23.SC Schwaz0
24.SK Raiffeisen0
25.SV Austria Salzburg0
26.SV Grodig0
27.SV Horn0
28.TSV Hartberg0
29.TSV Pollau0
30.Union Aspach-Wildenau0
31.USC Eugendorf0
32.WAC St Andra0
33.Wiener Sportklub0
  • Average # fans in Other Austrian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Austrian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.LASK Linz42.00
2.Wacker Innsbruck27.50
3.1. FC Vocklabruck16.25
4.Kapfenberger SV0.00
5.SK Austria Karnten0.00
6.ATV Irdning0.00
7.Austria Wien Amateure0.00
8.DSV Leoben0.00
9.Favoritner AC0.00
10.FC Blau-Weiss Linz0.00
11.FC Gratkorn0.00
12.FC Kufstein0.00
13.FC Lustenau 070.00
14.FC Magna Wiener Neustadt0.00
15.FC Stadlau0.00
16.First Vienna0.00
17.Floridsdorfer AC0.00
18.Kremser SC0.00
19.Red Bull Juniors Salzburg0.00
20.SC Austria Lustenau0.00
21.SC Kalsdorf0.00
22.SC Rheindorf Altach0.00
23.SC Schwaz0.00
24.SK Raiffeisen0.00
25.SV Austria Salzburg0.00
26.SV Grodig0.00
27.SV Horn0.00
28.TSV Hartberg0.00
29.TSV Pollau0.00
30.Union Aspach-Wildenau0.00
31.USC Eugendorf0.00
32.WAC St Andra0.00
33.Wiener Sportklub0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Austrian Teams: 2.52

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