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Kategoria e Pare Football Grounds in Albania

Map of Kategoria e Pare stadiums

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List of Kategoria e Pare stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

Besa KavajeBesa Kavaje
Besa Stadium
Dinamo TiranaDinamo Tirana
Selman Stermasi Stadium
Kompleksi Internacional (old ground)
Besa Stadium (old ground)
FK Skenderbeu KorceFK Skenderbeu Korce
Skenderbeu Stadium
FK Tomori BeratFK Tomori Berat
Tomori Stadium
Flamurtari FCFlamurtari FC
Flamurtari Stadium
KF Apolonia FierKF Apolonia Fier
Loni Papuciu Stadium
KF LushnjaKF Lushnja
Abdurrahman Roza Haxhiu Stadium
Korabi PeshkopiKorabi Peshkopi
Stadiumi Korabi
KS Beselidhja LezheKS Beselidhja Lezhe
Brian Filipi Stadium
KS BurreliKS Burreli
Stadiumi Liri Ballabani
Luzi UnitedLuzi United
Luz i Vogel Stadium
Stadiumi Petro Ruci
Fusha Sportive Orikum
Terbuni PukeTerbuni Puke
Stadiumi Ismail Xhemali
Turbina CerrikTurbina Cerrik
Stadiumi Nexhip Trungu
Stadiumi Shkumbini

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Kategoria e Pare Information

NameKategoria e Pare
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toKategoria Superiore
Relegation to (one of)Kategoria e Dyte Group A
Kategoria e Dyte Group B

Grounds in Kategoria e Pare Ordered by Capacity

1.Tomori Stadium home to FK Tomori Berat14,890
2.Selman Stermasi Stadium home to Dinamo Tirana9,600
3.Skenderbeu Stadium home to FK Skenderbeu Korce8,724
4.Abdurrahman Roza Haxhiu Stadium home to KF Lushnja8,500
5.Flamurtari Stadium home to Flamurtari FC8,200
6.Besa Stadium home to Besa Kavaje8,000
7.Loni Papuciu Stadium home to KF Apolonia Fier6,800
8.Stadiumi Nexhip Trungu home to Turbina Cerrik6,600
9.Stadiumi Korabi home to Korabi Peshkopi6,000
10.Brian Filipi Stadium home to KS Beselidhja Lezhe5,000
11.Stadiumi Shkumbini home to Turbina Cerrik4,000
12.Stadiumi Liri Ballabani home to KS Burreli2,500
13.Stadiumi Petro Ruci home to Oriku2,000
14.Stadiumi Ismail Xhemali home to Terbuni Puke1,950
15.Fusha Sportive Orikum home to Oriku1,000
16.Luz i Vogel Stadium home to Luzi United600
  • Biggest stadium in Kategoria e Pare: 14,890 - Tomori Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Kategoria e Pare: 600 - Luz i Vogel Stadium
  • Total capacity in Kategoria e Pare: 94,364
  • Average capacity in Kategoria e Pare: 5,551

Best supported teams in Kategoria e Pare

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Besa Kavaje0
2.Dinamo Tirana0
3.FK Skenderbeu Korce0
4.FK Tomori Berat0
5.Flamurtari FC0
6.KF Apolonia Fier0
7.KF Lushnja0
8.Korabi Peshkopi0
9.KS Beselidhja Lezhe0
10.KS Burreli0
11.Luzi United0
13.Terbuni Puke0
14.Turbina Cerrik0
  • Most fans in Kategoria e Pare: 0 - Besa Kavaje
  • Fewest fans in Kategoria e Pare: 0 - Turbina Cerrik
  • Total Kategoria e Pare fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Kategoria e Pare: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Kategoria e Pare?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Besa Kavaje0.00
2.Dinamo Tirana0.00
3.FK Skenderbeu Korce0.00
4.FK Tomori Berat0.00
5.Flamurtari FC0.00
6.KF Apolonia Fier0.00
7.KF Lushnja0.00
8.Korabi Peshkopi0.00
9.KS Beselidhja Lezhe0.00
10.KS Burreli0.00
11.Luzi United0.00
13.Terbuni Puke0.00
14.Turbina Cerrik0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Kategoria e Pare: 0 grounds visited - Besa Kavaje
  • Least travelled fans in Kategoria e Pare: 0 grounds visited - Turbina Cerrik
  • Average # grounds visited in Kategoria e Pare: 0.00

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