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Worldwide Events that Betting Fans Eagerly Await

Worldwide Events that Betting Fans Eagerly Await

Sports and betting are synonymous, with many punters gambling on sport regularly week in week out. The sports betting market has consequently exploded in recent decades to become massive, yet the same old sporting events remain the same. There are, however, some sporting events that attract both betting fans and more general sporting fans attention than others throughout the world. We are going to have a look at just what sporting events do betting fans eagerly await?

Fifa World Cup

Similar to the Olympics, the world cup happens every 4 years and draws huge crowds. Even bigger than the olympics in fact with the last world cup amounting more than 4 billion views from around the globe. That's around half of the world population tuning in at some point to the games. This means beginners and veterans alike are likely to try their hand at gambling on this event. The event is often a fiercely fought contest with upsets, extra time and penalties to decide it. This means betting fans go wild at the prospect of taking home some profit and adding some excitement to neutral matches they are watching. You can exploit the huge football betting market or just go for a simple coupon accumulator, there's just so many options when it comes to the World Cup, with tips, tricks and football advice. It could see you as a much richer person after the 3 weeks.


Occurring every 4 years the olympics is the pinnacle of many different sports. It includes huge numbers of athletes competing for their country in a bid to one of those coveted gold medals. The olympics has a vast array of events and includes every type of sport. It's no surprise then that the olympic betting market is large and betting fans dip right into it when the event crops up. Due to it happening every 4 years, the event is grandiose and attracts loads of gamblers looking to win big. The novelty and array of different events means sports betting on this event is not only different but fun and can be a great way of earning some pocket money if you put in enough research to the events.


The biggest single annual event is the Superbowl. Hugely American, hugely over the top, hugely entertaining and very competitive this annual final of the NFL league has gained more and more traction over the years. It is now the highest grossing match of sport in the world and takes the sport for the most watched sporting event as well as its popularity spreads across the globe. Whether the magnitude or the novelty attracts beginners or veterans just love this event, it tends to draw huge betting markets of millions of pounds into it. The sheer worth of this event is momentous and the betting culture around it shows. Betting fans will eagerly await this event every year in the hope of gaining some profit from the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Champions League

The European Champions league running across the football season in Europe is the pinnacle of club football around the world. The world's best teams are pitted against each other in a fiercely fought tournament which spans the whole season from the group stages starting in early October through to the final in May the following year. Twice weekly throughout this period this event draws betting fans every Tuesday and Wednesday each week who are looking to bash the bookies and get some profit from their bets. The consistency and magnitude of the event means that betting on it is ideal, whilst you retain the absolutely huge football betting market also.

Betting fans will find anything to bet on, I'm sure of it, but these worldwide events are massive and draw the fans like no other events quite do. Their sheer stature, grandeur and magnitude are something to behold. Because of this they draw both the beginner and the veteran to try their luck at wagering some money in the bid for a profit. Betting fans eagerly await these events, so why don't you?

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