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World Cup 2022: Stadiums

June 16th, 2017, +18 Reponsible Gambling/Advertorial Content

The World Cup 2022 in Qatar is four years away. The next World Cup will see numerous changes as the tournament moves to November and December, interrupting the football calendar for many leagues around the world. Despite the change in tradition of World Cups taking place during the summer in the northern hemisphere, the 2022 edition promises numerous surprises. Football fans don't have to wait until the 2022 World Cup and they can get the latest bonus code for this weekend's action.

The countdown is on for the 2022 World Cup. Eight stadiums are being constructed with six being built from scratch. Here is a look at the venues that will host the games in Qatar.

Khalifa International Stadium

The Khalifa International Stadium is a part of Qatar's well-known Aspire Academy. The stadium was originally built in 1976 making it the oldest of the eight stadiums that will be used. In 2014, renovation on the KIS began in preparation for the World Cup. The KIS holds 40,000 supporters and has a cascading roof that covers the stands and much of the pitch. The roof will protect fans from the winter weather and bright sun.

Al Rayyan Stadium

The Al Rayyan Stadium is the only other Qatar World Cup venue that was built prior to the country receiving the 2022 tournament. Opened in 2003 for Al Rayyan Sports Club, the stadium has been upgraded and the size increased. Originally holding a capacity of 21,000 fans, Al Rayyan Stadium will hold over 44,000 supporters in 2022. A media facade has been planned for the stadium. Unlike the KIS, Al Rayyan is still being upgraded and won't be finished until 2021.

Lusail Iconic Stadium

Designers for the Lusail Iconic Stadium will give football fans a venue with some cool characteristics. One of which will be the moat that surrounds the stadium. Visitors will need to cross one of eight bridges to get into the venue. The circular stadium wouldn't look out of place in Germany or Russia, and it will give fans a similar feel to iconic arenas in those countries. Lusail is planned to be the biggest stadium at the 2022 World Cup with a capacity of over 86,000.

Al Bayt Stadium

The Al Bayt Stadium is planned to hold 60,000 football fans. The venue will play host to a World Cup semi-final in Qatar. The design of the stadium is unique as it looks like a large circus tent has been set up with a football match being played inside. Although renderings look more like a circus taking place, the venue is said to be inspired by seashells.

Al Wakrah Stadium

Designers of the Al Wakrah Stadium were inspired by the sea and chose the venue's design based on traditional Qatari fishing boat sails. The stadium is under construction and will seat 40,000 fans when it is opened in time for the World Cup. Following the tournament, the stadium's seating will be reduced to 20,000.

Qatar Foundation Stadium

Qatar Foundation Stadium will resemble Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena, according to the mock-ups. The QFS won't win awards for being unique, but it should still be a tremendous arena for football. The stadium will be easily accessible for people living in both Qatar and Bahrain as a high-speed rail system will connect the two countries to the venue.

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

Qatar is a small country with limited domestic football fans and teams. So, the designers of the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium got creative. The RAAS is a completely deconstructable football stadium. Using recycled shipping containers, this one can make you think about a stadium in Russia during last World Cup. The venue will be taken apart after the 2022 World Cup. The unique stadium may not win awards for looks, but it will eliminate problems seen in Brazil and South Africa created by leftover stadiums.

Al Thumama Stadium

The Al Thumama Stadium is the eighth and final venue for the 2018 World Cup. The stadium has a circular design based on the traditional Taqiyah hat. Construction should be completed in 2020 for the planned 40,000 capacity football stadium.

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