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Why is Gambling on the Premier League so Popular Nowadays?

Why is Gambling on the Premier League so Popular Nowadays?

There are people all around the globe who like to place a bet on the English Premier League. Arguably, it is the best football league on the planet. It's known for fast pace, tough tackling, and constant upsets.

Unlike other football leagues in Europe, the Premier League is extremely difficult to predict. Frequently there are results that shock fans. On many occasions the teams that are top of the table lose to teams in the bottom half. These unpredictable games are what make the league so appealing to football fans and gamblers.

The television deals that the Premier League has signed up to gives each club a tremendous amount of money each season. This enables the smaller clubs to retain big-name players. In the past, most of the league's best players would end up singing for teams like Manchester United and Chelsea, as these were some of the sides with a big budget. Nowadays it is not uncommon for a smaller club to spend huge sums of money recruiting new footballers. This makes the league wide open, as Leicester City found out in the 2015/16 season, anyone can win England's top tier.

Betting on which Teams that might get Relegated

Every season 3 teams in the Premier League get relegated. The relegation battle is fascinating to watch as most players involved fight for their lives. The fight at the bottom section of the table can be just as exciting to watch as the battle for the title.

Bettors often like to predict which teams are going to be relegated once the season ends. All a team has to do is go on a losing streak and all of a sudden they find themselves in the bottom three. Getting out of the drop zone is extremely hard. Not only does your team have to gain points, they have to rely on others to drop points.

Betting on a team to get relegated during the early stages of the season is very difficult. With new teams entering into the league, it's hard to predict how these new players will adapt to the league. Although the Championship is great to watch, the standard in the Premier League is much higher. Some players and managers struggle in the league, especially against the big sides.

Lots of Options

Placing bets on the Premier League is easy. There are plenty of land-based casinos, traditional bookmakers, and lots of online gambling sites that allow punters to put a wager on the Premier League. Some even offer visitors a casino with welcome bonus when they gamble on their site for the first time!

It is worth shopping around before you place a bet. Some bookies, especially online casinos and gambling sites like to give customers discounts and betting bonuses. Most bookies offer different odds, so keep an eye out for good deals. Lots of online kaszino give new members free bets or incredible odds in the hope people will use their service on a regular basis.

Betting on the Top Four

The teams that finish in the top four in the Premier League get to play in the following season's Champions League. Every professional player dreams of playing in Europe's biggest competition. The league is packed with Europe's most elite players and football teams. Winning the Champion's League is the highest award any club can win. Team's that enter into the league by finishing in the top four are given an incredible amount of money, which is why teams are so desperate to be in the competition.

With so many big teams in the Premier League, not every team can finish in the top four which makes it really exciting to bet on. There is very little margin for error and one bad result can prove devastating for those in the race for the Champions League. Managers of the biggest teams in England are put under serious pressure by their club's owners to get their team a place in Europe. The final fixtures of the season can be nerve-wracking for the fans, players, and owners. Placing a bet on one of these teams is not for the faint-hearted!

Who will win the League?

Betting on who you think will win the league at the start of the season is a lot of fun, even for those who don't enjoy the sport. People who don't normally watch the game place these bets to make the league interesting. If the league comes down to the wire, and on the last day of the season no team has been crowned champion, the final fixtures will be extremely intense.

Players and managers have to try and keep their heads. With the whole of the football world watching, the pressure is immense. Understanding that 90 mins will decide whether or not they will win the league makes players and fans nervous. Often, their opponents can sense these feelings and take full advantage. Predicting the results for these final fixtures is difficult as anything can happen.

At the beginning of every season, bookies provide odds for who is going to win the league. Bookies are well aware that many people want to gamble at this stage of the season, so look out for promotions.

Betting on Transfers

When the season ends, teams are allowed to buy and sell players during the transfer window. In the modern game, shopping for players is very difficult, especially with agents being so heavily involved. Arranging the transfer fee, the player's and agent's demands, doing a fitness test, etc. are some of the reasons completing a transfer can prove so difficult.

The media updates football fans on a regular basis on gossip surrounding transfers. However, the majority of the content they publish has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Some media outlets are known to make up stories just to sell papers and increase traffic to their websites. Many people who follow this transfer gossip put money on which players are going to go where. Although it is hard to know what goes on behind the scenes, it's common for the players to hint that they want a move away from their current side. If you are thinking about betting on transfers, consider following each player's social media pages. They often post hints on these platforms which can help you determine how you are going to bet.

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