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Which Football Teams are Sponsored by Online Casinos?

With football being one of the most popular sports, many online casinos are starting to sponsor teams to get in on the action and generate more revenue. For the 2016-2017 season of premier football, more than 50% of the leagues were sponsored by casinos and gambling companies. This is an ongoing trend that continues to be in the rise and some of the leading online casinos in the industry actually sponsor professional teams for a number of years, entering contracts. One of these companies is Bwin.Party, a gambling giant that sponsored Real Madrid for five years, resulting in 20% of the gambling market in Spain. The company then sponsored Manchester United after that contract ended.

Big Casino Names Sponsor Major Football Clubs

Some of the largest names in the gambling industry are involved in professional sports and many of these are sponsors for premier football league teams. One of the first football shirt sponsors in the English Premier League history was Betfair Casino, who had a deal with Fulham. Another large name is SportPesa, which has a five year sponsorship deal with Everton worth 75 million pounds. Bwin is one of the top Aussie betting brands and they had two major deals, one worth $12,250,000 per year with AC Milan and another for $24.5 million per year with Manchester United.

This season, more than 60% of the clubs in the top two divisions in England had gambling names and companies on their jerseys. While sponsorships continue to increase, there is a concern with the connection between gambling and professional football. It is believed that gambling is becoming normalized and with names appearing on shirts in professional leagues, the concern is that many will engage in betting just to support their favorite team, possibly leading to the increase in gambling problems within the UK and in other countries. Some of the teams that are currently sponsored by online casinos include Real Madrid, Arsenal, Newcastle United, West Ham United, Stoke City, and Everton to name a few.

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The Trend Will Continue

Football fans have gotten accustomed to seeing major brand names sponsoring professional teams, but now that online casinos have entered the sponsorship world, online betting companies have enjoyed a huge increase in revenue as more people are creating accounts just to support their preferred teams. There are quite a few benefits to an online casino sponsoring a football team, with the major advantage being marketing. Their brands can be marketed on a global scale to billions of fans who enjoy one of the most popular sports in the world.

The teams themselves also benefit as they get a large check from the gaming brands to promote the company, especially those that play a role in online gambling. Most of these companies host sports betting sites that will also attract fans who want to place bets on games and matched throughout the season, so it is a win-win situation for the online casinos as well as the teams.

The partnership between online betting companies and Premier League Football clubs is a perfect situation. The international appeal of the sport makes it a very lucrative opportunity for online gambling companies to promote their brand and these companies bring cash to the football clubs. In the coming seasons, fans can expect even more online casinos and betting companies to start sponsoring teams to gain recognition, so one will start to see lesser known casinos like and other sites that are not as large as the major sponsors at this time. With favorite casinos being matched with favorite teams, this sponsorship relationship is one that will remain quite popular and fans will see many gaming brands appearing within football leagues.

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