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Which football players like to play video games?

Most gamers will have enjoyed playing legendary sports simulators like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, but there are plenty of football stars who also like to relax by playing video games too. So the next time you have a multiplayer game of CSGO or Call of Duty, think about the fact that you could be playing against one of these awesome football players.

Hector Bellerin

You may know Hector Bellerin as being the formidable defensive star of the Arsenal team. But when the Spanish right back isn't on the pitch, there's a good chance that you'll find him playing the classic first-person shooter, Call of Duty. Bellerin reportedly became a massive Call of Duty fan when he formed a Call of Duty clan with his Spanish team-mates Emiliano Martinez, Ignasi Miquel and Jon Toral. And with now covering the best Call of Duty tournaments, you have a chance of catching up with the very best tournaments for this classic game.

Fernando Torres

Some football stars like to go a little further when playing video games. Take the Spanish star, Fernando Torres, who reportedly spent thousands of pounds turning rooms in his home into deluxe gaming suites. Apparently, Torres used to play brutal games like Grand Theft Auto IV and Halo 3 as a way of helping him stay entertained whilst overcoming a nasty injury during his time with Liverpool.

Tom Heaton

Burnley had a great 2017/18 season in the Premier League, and much of their success has been put down to the goalkeeping skills of Tom Heaton. What's remarkable is the fact that Heaton warms up for matches by playing on his Nintendo DS in order to make sure that his eyesight is up to speed for the fast pace of the Premier League.


Whilst many people thought that Destiny was a little over-hyped, it looks like the Portuguese star, Pepe, became completely hooked on the first-person shooter. Some people might find it odd to see football players enjoying a sci-fi game. But you only have to watch the funny footage of Pepe streaming his gameplay and communicating to his team-mates via a headset to realise how even a title like Destiny might have a few similarities with the beautiful game.

Andrea Pirlo

And if you ever needed any justification for playing one more round of FIFA or CSGO, then you just need to remember that the Italian legend, Andrea Pirlo, once said that the PlayStation was the best invention since the wheel. It seems that Pirlo routinely played marathon FIFA bouts against his team-mate, Alessandro Nesta, and so you shouldn't feel too guilty about your last all-night gaming session.

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Get the double-sided 92 Club & National League map poster - 2019/2020 season