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Unusual and Unpopular Football Bets to Place Online

Unusual and Unpopular Football Bets to Place Online

The world of football has changed dramatically in recent years. The era of Messi and Ronaldo is coming to an end, with Mbappe and Erling Haaland taking their place. The past World Cup delivered a lot of emotions, and some countries surprised and upset the fans at the same time. The Japan-Germany match alone with its winning goal just like in the Blue Lock manga is a thing to remember for years.

The World Cup, as expected, was magnificent, as well as the variety of bets presented by bookmakers specifically for this event. But these four interesting bet types stand out among the common variety.

Bets on Game Statistics

Statistics during matches are essential to fans, analysts, coaches, and bettors. The times when betting was limited to the match winner and the total number of goals are gone because the variability of bets is growing every year. Today, statistics have reached a new level, and various bookmakers offer bets on substitutions, the number of yellow and red cards handed, fouls, offsides, offsides, etc. Sometimes you can find statistics on the amount of water drunk, falls, or referee whistles. But these are mostly exceptions, and such bets are made for fun. After all, football is a serious sport, and its betting range should reflect that.

Some bookmakers even have separate sections with blogs and news dedicated to the most accurate bets on statistical data.

VAR - New Type of Betting

Ever since the Football Commission allowed the use of the Video Assistant Referee as proof of goals or fouls, the entire sport has been turned upside down. Bookmakers and fans have accepted this innovation well. New categories of bets dedicated to VAR have appeared on betting sites. Some of them are:

As part of football, VAR is a breakthrough in fairness, refereeing accuracy, and performance, but at the same time, old-school fans have lost their emotions of rage or joy at the refereeing staff during the match. VAR betting is a good option for those bored with the usual Win-Lose bets who want to try something new and different.

Coaching and Team Composition

The composition of players in football teams, as well as coaches, in many respects, affect more than the outcome of matches. Bookmakers accept bets on coaches and develop predictions based on the current team lineup. This considers not only the base but also the players who take places on the bench. To do this, you must process a lot of information - follow matches and study injuries, pay attention to suspensions, and so on.

Betting on coaches is a special type related to football, which does not concern matches directly. Bettors can try to predict the appointment or the removal of the coach from his duties because of low performance or other reasons. These bets are not popular among beginners and those who don’t bother studying the world of football, but professional observers and sports analysts (including amateurs) highly value them.

If you are familiar with the aspects of football and have an analytical mind, the GGBet official site offers a wide betting line covering international and domestic tournaments. Follow games from the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League or choose from 38 countries to bet on domestic tourneys.

Transfer Bets

The transfer section is a separate topic for betting. Transferring players from club to club has become the subject of betting. Usually, bets are accepted in several ways:

Bookmakers offer their predictions based on complex analytics, which considers various factors – from the degree of loyalty of the player to his club to the relationship between the clubs making the transfer.

As a rule, transfers occur between major international championships in the off-season so that the player can adapt to the new team. The coach analyzes the player's role among other athletes and develops the most effective strategy, considering the new figure. For example, the Asian region, which is not so often paid attention to during the transfer period, is sure to have a lot of offers after the performance of the Japanese national team. The World Cup passed and showed who was weak and who was worthy of the attention of world clubs.

Bottom Line

All bookmakers, without exception, accept bets on outcomes, odds, and totals because they are always in demand among players. But some bookies offer combined bets like those four above – this is their way of competing for users' interest.

It should probably be noted that statistical and other unusual bets are offered for a limited number of matches. Often, they can only be seen in European competitions, top championships, and major international tournaments. Not all bookmakers are ready to spend resources on forming an exotic line so don’t expect unusual bets to become common any time soon. But if the bookie allows you to bet on transfer or VAR, why not? It will surely be a fresh experience.

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