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Unforgettable World Cup Moments

Whenever the World Cup comes around people can't help but think about the memorable moments that have happened in past tournaments. There are some moments that people are aware of even if they did not see them at the time, just because they are talked about so much. Some of the most memorable world cup moments are listed below.

The Hand Of God

Maradona's 'Hand of God' is one of the most controversial moments that has ever happened in a World Cup. In the quarter-final of the 1986 World Cup between England and Argentina, Maradona scored with a blatant handball that was not seen by the referee. After the match he told the press that the goal was scored with the head of Maradona and the hand of God which is how the goal became to be known.

Gazza Crying

When Paul Gascoigne received a yellow card in England's semi-final against Germany at Italia '90, he realized that he would not be able to play in the final if England were to reach it. As this realization hit him the emotion became too much for him and you could see his bottom lip start to tremble. The image of him crying became one of the most iconic images of the whole World Cup. In the end, England were beaten by Germany who went on to win the tournament.

Patrick Battiston Loses His Teeth

One of the worst fouls that was ever committed at a World Cup was carried out on Patrick Battiston of France by the German keeper Toni Schumacher in the Mexico '82 semifinals. Battiston got on the end of a pass by Platini that no one saw coming. Schumacher came out to meet him, jumped and turned in the air crashing into Battiston and knocking him out cold as well as knocking out three teeth. To add insult to injury Schumacher was not sent off and then became the hero for Germany during the penalty shootout that saw them through to the finals.

The World Notices Josimar, The Unemployed Footballer

During the Mexico '82 World Cup a player called Josimar really captured the attention of the whole world. He was a last minute inclusion in the squad and was not even signed to a club. He scored two important goals for the team and it seemed as if his career was really about to take off. Sadly though this never transpired and he fell into a life of crime and drugs.

Zinedine Zidane Gets Sent Off Against Italy

Zidane knew that the 2006 World Cup in Germany would be the last that he played in and so he would have always wanted to go out with a bang. However, getting sent off in the final is probably not what he had in mind. He was involved in an off the ball incident with Marco Materazzi which ended up with Materazzi being headbutted in the chest. Zidane was sent off and that was the end of his international career.

With the 2018 World Cup in Russia only days away, fans are already starting to wonder if it will produce any moments like these that people will still be talking about in years to come.

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