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Toughest Football Grounds To Play In

Toughest Football Grounds To Play In

Football is a game that can be affected by many circumstances: players having a bad day, rainy weather and, of course, where you play it. Some very well known football stadiums that are recognized because of the way they can influence games and teams, bringing forth fear or elation, these places are special grounds for football.

Why Are Football Stadiums So Important?

Football fields set the mood for the game, it is not the same to face an opposing club in a small, quiet location than it is to do it in a huge, loud, vibrant space, a sacred ground filled with emotion.

The impact is such that you could put it into consideration when placing a bet at or choosing where to see your favourite team play. Imagine seeing your team beat its biggest rival in their own field, or a country winning the world cup in the capital, sounds like a dream scenario, right? That's why football grounds are so significant, and here are some of the most legendary, and hardest to play in.

La Bombonera - Home Of Argentina's Boca Juniors

Argentinians are passionate about everything but football is on a whole different level, and their stadiums are no different. The Bombonera, home field of top team Boca Juniors, has to be guarded by riot police during games, plus closely monitored before and after. There was even a time in which away team's fans could not attend games for fear of violence, that's enough to put some fear in any football squad no matter how good they are.

Turk Telekom Arena - Home Of Galatasaray S.K

The Turkish team's arena, also known as the Ali Semi Yen, has earned the unofficial motto of "welcome to hell", so much for keeping spirits high.

Galatasaray's fans are some of the most intimidating around, throwing threatening gestures at opposing teams, and hostility is their only language to outsiders. It all adds up to a very charged environment to play in, something all teams should be aware of before they walk onto the field.

Anfield - Home Of Liverpool FC

Anfield - home to Liverpool FC

Anfield is one of the most iconic fields for any football player and fans, a place of legends, titles, hardship and just pure emotion, this powerful combination makes it one of the toughest football grounds to play in.

What makes Anfield so special? Its fans! Nothing compares to hearing the classic "You'll Never Walk Alone" coming from the stands, a lot of wins can be attributed to the Reds' famous 12th man, that kind of support can turn a game around.

Stadio San Paolo Home Of The Napoli

One of the most intimidating football grounds in Italy and that should say it all. San Paolo holds about 60,000 people, in a personal, hostile closeness that can spook even the most experienced player, and what else? The fans are die-hard, lifelong supporters that are there to shake the other team, and enjoy doing so. Stadio San Paolo is Napoli's culture and passion condensed into one vibrant space.

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