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Top Players that are Likely to Leave the PL in the Summer

The English teams are once again at the top of the world. Last season, all 4 finalists in the CL and Europa League were PL clubs, and this year, every English team has proceeded in the knockout phase in both international tournaments. The clubs managed to get a lot of recognition and credit in countries that are not so fond of football in general.

Their influence is felt in every corner of the world and many businesses use it to boost their sales and popularity. You can see shops selling their jerseys, but one of the most interesting places that they were present were online casinos. It's not that surprising since a lot of online casinos offer football betting and they often use clubs that are grossing at the moment for marketing purposes. Football betting is not the only thing that you can enjoy at the online casinos, though. If you want to compete for great prizes, there's a huge selection of online casino games at NoviCasino that are highly entertaining to play.

Because the PL teams are dominating the world, many players are keen to make a move to clubs like Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea. But, on the flip side of the coin, a lot of great players are likely to leave as well. We checked all of the latest rumours and made a list with some great players that may leave in the next summer transfer period.

Paul Pogba

Pogba is under a lot of pressure since he returned to Manchester United. The club and the fans are not satisfied with his performance and he is facing continuous criticism from everybody. With that being said, he hinted that he is thinking of leaving the club soon. Numerous clubs would be delighted to have him and the recent rumours say that a transfer to Real Madrid or Juventus is on the way.

Christian Eriksen

Eriksen's contract with Spurs expires this summer. There is still no official statement about his future, but he is linked to a free transfer with Juventus. He is a world-class midfielder and any team would be pleased to have him in their squad.

Wilfred Zaha

Zaha is one of the most underrated attacking wingers in the world. That is probably because he plays for Crystal Palace, a team that doesn't have the spotlight too often. Nevertheless, scouts are well-aware of his potential and he is linked with many great teams, with Dortmund as the favourite to sign him.

Leroy Sane

Sane is without a doubt, one of the best players in the PL. But, he has been struggling with injuries in the recent period. Guardiola said that he's fantastic, but he's not a player that can control the tempo of a game or play strategically, mainly because of his explosiveness and overly-attacking style of play. Numerous teams are interested in purchasing him, but Bayern Munich leads the race.

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