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Top College Stadiums You Should Visit At Least Once

Top College Stadiums You Should Visit At Least Once

College football is big business over in the States, with some massive stadiums. If you're thinking of visiting from the UK, we have a few picks for you.

A great college football stadium is the foundation of every great college football team. Many would agree that fall isn't complete without attending at least one college football game. And if you're going to a college town for game day, you might as well go all out. Several universities in the country offer an unforgettable football experience.

The stadium's atmosphere and energy distinguish the game day experience. The place is packed, the fans are screaming, and even the most uninterested spectator will have a good time. Looking for such stadiums?

Here are three of them you should check out:

The Harvard University Stadium

Capacity: 30,000+

Where else can you see classical architecture incorporated into the design of a football stadium? With its classic and unique "U" shape, this stadium may not be an FBS school, but it is a must-see on your trip.

Besides the brilliant nature of people who visit this stadium, one other thing that distinguishes the stadium from those of a larger school is that players from both teams attend after-game sessions in the parking lots.

But, if you cannot make it to college football stadiums (or any football stadiums) or do not fancy watching your favorite team live from the stadium's main bowl and wouldn't mind streaming from your device in the comfort of your home or office, you have nothing to worry your heads over. ExpressVPN's best sports streaming services for 2022 offer a breakdown of the best sports streaming platforms that will show you channels to bring the action home.

Tiger Stadium

Capacity: 100,000+

Attending an LSU game day experience is at the top of many college football fans' bucket lists. LSU, like Alabama, can fit over 100,000 fans in the stands, and they show up. The roar from the massive crowd at the stadium gave it the nickname "Death Valley."

Few college football stadium experiences can compete with seeing Mike the Tiger rush out of his cage and hearing the Tigers' band join in unison.

Stadium Jordan-Hare (Auburn)

Capacity: 85,000+

This 1939 stadium has quickly become one of the largest stadiums in college football. The Crimson Tide isn't the only team Alabama residents flock to see. With a capacity of slightly more than 85,000, they also draw a sizeable crowd. Most Alabama fans admit that seeing the eagle soar is an emotional experience.

Auburn fans are unrivaled in their devotion to their programme and unabashed love of good food. Fans' dedication is evident in how early they arrive at the Tailgate on game mornings, ready for every experience like it's their first time.

It has a boisterous fan base and is one of the most challenging venues for opponents to play. However, based on Auburn's 2013 season, the stadium has witnessed a few miracles.


There you have it. We hope at least one of your favorites made this list. And if it didn't, you should definitely plan to see one.

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