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Top 5 Stadiums to Visit

Football is hugely popular, and this is reflected by the huge attendances that many clubs garner on a weekly basis. The most iconic clubs also have the most iconic stadiums. Some of these resemble fortresses in the biggest matchups. One of the best ways to experience these matchups is by taking part in online betting. You can get help understanding betting odds and this will allow you to make the most out of your gambling experience. In this article, we will go through the 5 stadiums that every football fan must visit in their lifetime. They provide an experience like no other.

1. Camp Nou

The home of Barcelona is also the home to beautiful football. The beauty on the pitch is reflected in the enormous beauty of the iconic Camp Nou. This huge stadium has a total capacity of 99,0000. The traditional ground is made up mainly from stone. All football fans are usually left in awe once they visit this great stadium. Stadium tours are easy to book, and you can even visit the dressing rooms as well as getting an opportunity to walk on to the iconic pitch. This stadium has seen much success over the past years, and they have also been able to witness the magic of Messi. The large ground and their group of loud supporters can make even the biggest teams feel intimidated by the atmosphere.

2. Old Trafford

Manchester United are an iconic club known for many things. One of the standout aspects of their club is their stadium, Old Trafford. Many legends have been made at this iconic stadium. The traditional four-sided stadium has stands which are fairly close to the pitch. This means that fans are kept close to players which builds the atmosphere. The stadium was built in 1909 and then officially opened in 1910. It is always worth visiting this magnificent stadium, and they also have a standout museum which you can see on your tour.

3. Anfield

No club in the world can quite recreate the atmosphere of Anfield when the crowd is belting out "You'll never walk alone" in unison. It sends shivers to the back of your spine. Anfield is the home of the European powerhouse, Liverpool FC. They are truly one of the best fans in the world, and they are responsible for making Anfield a fortress. Anfield has a certain uniqueness which simply cannot be replicated in other newer stadiums. The heart of the city can be found inside this magical ground.

4. San Siro

The iconic San Siro is home to both of the iconic Milan clubs. It has a capacity of over 80,000 which means that the stadium gets rocking for the biggest games. Although the Milan clubs have recently not been as successful, the stadium has seen some iconic players and games. Many eventful Milan derbies have also taken place. It is unique because both teams in Serie A use the ground. However, this is soon set to change. The ground will soon be demolished, and each team will build its own stadium. Therefore, you should be sure to visit this historical stadium while you still have the chance.

5. Santiago Bernabeu

The final stadium on our list is located in the Spanish capital of Madrid. It houses Real Madrid, who are at the top of the pile when it comes to European football. The fans who call themselves, ‘Madridistas' are some of the most passionate and vocal in the world. The capacity of the stadium is over 81,000. It has seen some superstar performances from the likes of Ronaldo, Zidane, and Figo. It now welcomes Eden Hazard, in what promises to be an engaging season in the Spanish league.


In the most intense games of football, the crowd and the stadium become a factor. These stadiums are all intimidating for the opposition. They produce an atmosphere that puts goosebumps on necks. Additionally, the designs are exceptional, and they are magnificent in terms of pure architecture. Any football fan simply has to visit these 5 iconic stadiums.

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