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Top 5 Legendary Football Stadiums

It doesn't matter where it is, or how it is played, the game named football has long become a religion. It is a powerful and comprehensive sports game that can change fates and create wonders.

The football magic unites fans from all over the world, managing to make them forget about everything that is not related to the greatest game. Football leads thousands of people on the stadiums every weekend, while millions in front of TV screens are enjoying their favourite teams and players. One thing is for sure - football's popularity always increases, and this sport is winning more new fans day by day.

If you are one of those fans who love football and enjoy daily football games, we are sure that you have been at the stadium many times, and each time you feel goosebumps. Even if you have been at many stadiums, around the world there are some football arenas that carry a great history. gathered a list of top 5 legendary football stadiums, which have experienced epic historical football moments. If you are thinking about which stadium to visit someday, below, you can find a little bit about some of the greatest football stadiums, and why every football fan should enter in those fantastic buildings.

1. San Siro / Giuseppe Meazza - Milan, Italy. Capacity - 80,000

Built in 1926 after the idea of the owner of AC Milan Piero Pirrelli, during the years this legendary stadium has hosted some of the greatest football games and tournaments such as the World Cup games, European Championship finals,the Champions League games, and many others. The stadium is designed in such a style that gives to each fan an excellent view and maximum enjoyment. San Siro is the home arena of two of the most popular football teams in the world - AC Milan and Inter Milan, which are also great rivals in Seria A. Recently, Milan and Inter have announced their plans to renovate the stadium, or even to demolish it and make a new one on its place, but the news are still not confirmed. When Inter, Milan, or the Italian national team plays at the ground, the streets around the stadium are full of people, and if you manage to visit some game, the great experience is guaranteed.

2. Anfield, Liverpool, United Kingdom. Capacity - 54,000

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular football stadiums is the home of Liverpool FC - Anfield. Its name is a synonym for traditional football, high class game, and passionate fans. Many football-related people are describing Anfield as the mecca of football.

Anfield's history starts in the distant 1884, as a home ground of Everton, Liverpool FC's city rival. After a few years, Everton moved to Goodison Park, and since 1892, Liverpool has been the team that uses Anfield. The stadium has hosted a huge number of historical games in its long history, and nowadays continues to deliver an incredible experience to all football fans that visit it. The legendary Anfield's stand The Kop was named an "unrivalled stand" by the fans in England.

3. Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain. Capacity - 98,000

Europe's largest football stadium - Camp Nou, unquestionably is a ''must-see'' destination for every football fan. It is a home of one of the best teams in football history - FC Barcelona. This stadium holds the spirit of the technique, beautiful, and effective football. Camp Nou has been the home stadium of FC Barcelona since 1957, and during the years it became an iconic football place. Camp Nou has hosted all of the greatest football games that made Barcelona a true football giant. The magnificent atmosphere at Camp Nou helped the players such as Messi, Maradona, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Cruyff, Puyol, Xavi, and many others to win many trophies and to make the stadium, themselves, and Barcelona - real legends.

4. Wembley - London, United Kingdom. Capacity - 90,000

The home of the national team of England was renovated in 2007, and nowadays it hosts international games. It welcomes fans with it's a high-class new style, and modern beauty. The original Wembley stadium was opened in 1923 by King George V, and it was first known as the Empire Stadium. One of the greatest football players Pele once said that Wembley is "the cathedral of football. It is the capital of football, and it is the heart of football." Before its demolition, the stadium hosted many fabulous football games (World Cup games, Champions League, European Championship), rugby tournaments, Olympic Games (1948), concerts, and many other unforgettable events. Even with a new style, Wembley is the place where the English fans feel the football traditions, and the stadium continues to be a symbol of English football.

5. The Maracana - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Capacity - 78,000

Opened in 1950 to host World Cup 1950, this is one of the stadiums, which has a great reputation among the fans. The stadium hosted one of the football classics in World Cup 1950 – the game between Brazil and Uruguay that was visited by almost 200000 fans (which is still a record for the largest attendance at a World Cup Final). One of the best stadiums was the many major tournaments such as 1989 Copa America, 2013 Confederations Cup, and the 2014 World Cup. Maracana also hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. If you visit Maracana, you can see the sports museum inside the stadium, which offers exhibits featuring photographs, championship cups, and Pelé's legendary No. 10 jersey. The legendary player scored his 1,000th goal on this famous field.

Thanks to, we enjoyed a list that includes the top five legendary football stadiums around the globe. If you manage to visit some of those 5 stadiums, you can count yourself as a lucky person because they are the most popular and notable places for all football fans.

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