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The Weirdest Football Games of all Time

The Weirdest Football Games of all Time

Football is one of the most popular and fun games in the world, which attracts fans not only as a real game but also in variations of video games and slot machines that are abundantly presented at National Casino HU.

The beautiful game never ceases to amaze the audience, and sometimes historical moments were captured on the football field. 90-minute matches are usually filled with excitement and surprises; however, from time to time, spectators witness controversies and minor squabbles on the pitch that takes football fanaticism to a whole new level.

Let's take a look at two of the weirdest football games and how they influenced the game we all love to watch today.

Germany vs Austria (1982)

The bizarre incident occurred at the '82 World Cup in Gijon, Spain, when West Germany played against Austria in the group stage final game. In the mast, there was shameful collusion between the Austrians and West Germans, which led to the subsequent elimination of debutants from Algeria.

Algeria had played their last group game a day earlier, which meant that West Germany and Austria knew exactly what they needed to do to advance to the next round.

The FRG team took the initiative in the 10th minute thanks to a goal by Horst Hrubesch, but after the goal was scored, the game took a terrible turn, as both teams resorted to a very defensive style of play and passed the ball between themselves in their own half of the field without making any attempts to score. The game ended 1-0 in favor of the West Germans, and both teams secured a place in the playoffs.

This game is called "Shame of Gijon" and is the main reason why the group stage finals in most international tournaments now start at the same time.

Barbados vs Grenada (1994)

Own goals have always been considered a serious mistake in football, but when Barbados faced Grenada in the 1994 Caribbean Cup qualifier, it was an own goal that came to the aid of the Barbadians. All because of the strange rule applied by the organizers when no match could end in a draw.

The tournament organizers adopted an unusual form of the golden goal rule, in which the first goal in extra time is not only considered victorious but also counted as a double. The game between the national teams of Barbados and Grenada began with the fact that both teams had a chance to advance to the main tournament. Barbados needed a victory by two or more goals, which they had until the 83rd minute when they were leading with a score of 2: 0. However, Grenada scored at the end of the game, making the score 2-1, and Barbados had only seven minutes to score a goal and regain its two-goal lead.

Barbados made several attempts to score, but in the 87th minute, they changed their strategy and made a rather “smart” move under the circumstances. They successfully held out and the main time of the match came to an end. In extra time, the Barbados national team still managed to make their plan real and scored the winning "golden goal", which was counted as a double.

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