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The Top 5 Most Expensive Football Stadiums In The World

The Top 5 Most Expensive Football Stadiums In The World

The importance of a top-class stadium in football cannot be stated enough.

After all, which football fan doesn't know the famous Yellow Wall of Borussia Dortmund? Or the iconic Theater of Dreams of Old Trafford.

A great stadium is not just a place where a team plays, it is a fortress that represents the DNA of a club or country.

But moving to a new stadium is no easy feat. Stadiums can cost hundreds of millions of dollars and can take several years to build.

Just look at big teams like Chelsea and Liverpool delaying any stadium upgrades just for the sheer cost of the whole thing.

But some teams and countries take this leap of faith successfully and spend a fortune on their new abode.

In this article, we will be exploring the top 5 most expensive football stadiums in the world. Clubs looking to build a new ground may wish to try the Mega Millions lottery with the eye-watering prices of some of these new stadiums!

5.Singapore National Stadium $1.31B (£1B)

Singapore National Stadium is known as the remastered version of the former national stadium. The previous stadium got demolished in 2010.

It opened in 2014, and currently hosts the home games for the Singapore National Team.

It is the only custom-designed stadium in the world to host several sporting events across the country. Its recent massive event hosting was of the SDP in 2016.

The 55,000 seater is truly the perfect ground to nurture an emerging force in Asian football.

4.Tottenham Hotspur Stadium $1.33B (£1B)

After White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium hosts the domestic games of Tottenham Hotspur. This stadium covers the dimensions of the previous stadium (White Hart Lane) and the areas surrounding it.

With 63,000 stadium capacity, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is the third-biggest stadium in the United Kingdom, after Old Trafford and Wembley. The first game at this stadium was played in April 2019, in which Spurs beat Crystal Palace by a 2-0 scoreline.

It is a multipurpose venue from which Daniel Levy wants to extract as much functionality as possible, making it a hub of corporate events, concerts, and sporting spectacles.

3.Yankee Stadium $1.5B (£1.1B)

Yankee Stadium is the home of New York City in the MLS. Even though its construction amount was $1.5B, its evolution since its opening in 2009 has made it a $2.3B stadium.

This stadium has a few customizations of the previous Yankee stadium. Like the original one, this stadium has also incorporated numerous sporting events such as college football tournaments, university tournaments, etc.

2.Wembley Stadium $1.5B (£1.1B)

After its construction, Wembley Stadium opened in 2007 for the English national team and domestic football. Currently, it inaugurates the home games for the England National Team.

Furthermore, it hosts the EFL Cup Final and the FA Cup games beyond the quarter-finals. It has a capacity of approximately 90,000 seats, and is also used for the other sporting events like the London Olympics 2012.

1.Mercedez-Benz Stadium $1.6B (£1.2B)

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the home of Atlanta United in the MLS. It opened in 2017 as a replacement for the Georgia Dome stadium.

Therefore, numerous other footballing events associated with that stadium got shifted to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Apart from Atlanta United, it also conducts the NFL home games for Atlanta Falcons. In 2016, the construction cost of this stadium was around £1.2B.

Bottom Line

Building a new stadium in the current economic climate is not simple at all.

Therefore, these stadiums show exceptional leaps of faith by clubs and countries that often turn out to be a good decision in the long run.

While the economic benefits of building a new stadium are clear, detailed costs must get estimated as things can get out of hand.

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