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The Pros and Cons of Playing Soccer in College

Playing soccer in college

Playing College level sports is a dream for numerous high school athletes. Furthermore, if you do qualify to play soccer for a team at a great school that's an ideal academic fit for you, wouldn't you also jump at the chance?

Although there is much value in playing soccer in college, there are also multiple other considerations (besides the huge opportunity) any aspiring college soccer player must contemplate on before they make their decision. If you are in such a position, and you are wondering whether 'to play or not,' this article is for you. Here is a list of the pros and cons of playing soccer in college, to help you make an informed decision.

What Are The Pros Of Playing Soccer In College?

Playing soccer in college

1. It builds your job portfolio

Typically, future employers search for college individuals who go that extra mile! Engaging in college soccer and being effectively able to balance your time between practice hours, games, and your academics indicates your work ethic. Moreover, playing soccer in college also instills you with teamwork, time management, and leadership skills.

All these unique skills help prepare you for the competitive working world. As such, many companies prefer to hire former college athletes since they can incorporate these skills into the workplace. What's more, with the skills learned to work as a team, companies find former college athletes more valuable since they will not have any problems working as a team.

2. You Build Solid Relationships

Among the biggest perks of playing soccer in college is relationships/teammates. Often, the bind you form from the grueling exertions, as well as adrenaline-packed soccer matches, is unmatched! When you join a soccer team, you have a profoundly loyal group of individuals' right by your side throughout your years in school.

Establishing and maintaining relationships ranks among the most critical skill college soccer players have. Coincidentally, these relationships usually go beyond college soccer playing years. The distinct relationships you establish with your coaches, professors, staff, and of course, teammates will ultimately be individuals who you call for your wedding to get job opportunities, references on your job resume. If you are lucky, one among them may just be the one who offers you a job!

3. You Learn Valuable Life Lessons

Many former college soccer players outline that playing in college helped them learn many life lessons. Among the list of experiences include time management, teamwork, and work ethic, among many others. Moreover, college athletes who join soccer teams are placed in situations that require them to adapt and learn, or risk not making it. Therefore, this is why commitment is essential for soccer players in college.

Finally, engaging in college soccer also helps you learn various essential skills and lessons such as leadership and selflessness first-hand.

4. Financial Aid

Ideally, this is arguably among the most apparent advantages of playing college soccer. A significant incentive that pushes many students to engage in college sports is getting to know that your school fees (partial or full) are paid for. After all, who would turn up their nose at free course money?

5. Staying Fit

Soccer mandates strength training and conditioning, all excellent forms of bodily exercise, and great for overall cardiovascular health. When you enroll in college soccer, you get to do many different kinds of training, ranging from distance running, sprints, all the way to lifting weights. As such, it is undeniably a significant health benefit to all participants, despite their age group.

What are Cons of Playing Soccer in College?

Now that you have an idea of how playing soccer in college can benefit you, it is also essential that you understand the disadvantages that come with it. So, what are the cons associated with playing college soccer? Let's find out.

Challenge of Balancing Soccer with Academics

As a student college soccer player, your academics always come first. It is there vital that you maintain good grades or risk being benched during matches, or worse yet, get ejected from the team. Nonetheless, the commitment needed by college soccer may create problems, especially when it comes to your course work. Between practice, classes, conditioning, and cramming for exams, the task can feel almost impossible.

Fortunately, with the advancement in technology and diversity of education assistance provisions, you can always hire professional writing services to help you out.

Yes, ask many college athletes who successfully juggle between academics and soccer, and the response is, 'I hire someone to write my essay for me when I am swamped with many tasks at hand.' Although balancing between soccer and academics is sometimes an inevitable concern for many college soccer players, hiring writing services is an excellent way to overcome this.

Increased Risk of Injury

Finally, no one can consistently participate in college sports (not just soccer) without getting injured. Between the practice sessions and games, you are at risk every day for multiple injuries, including broken bones, minor sprains, and even concussions, among others. Besides such things affecting your athleticism, they may also affect your academics negatively.


Ultimately, although this list is rather brief, it, however, outlines the dilemma that most soccer players face in college: do the advantages of playing soccer in college outweigh the disadvantages? Typically, the answer varies from one individual to the other, and you should, therefore, take all the time you need to make your choice. The correct decision begins with doing proper research and weighing both the pros and cons before making your decision.

Good Luck!


Sandra Larson is an accredited freelance writer specializing in policy and urban issues. She believes that future and current students need support and guidance. To assist them, Sandra composes guides and informational articles at on different themes, from academic writing tips to entertaining blog posts.

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