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The most beautiful football stadiums in the UK

There's no doubt that the UK is considered to be the cradle of football as we know it. The entire phenomenon started here in times where the stadiums were basically just patches of grass with 2 goals at the end of each side of the field and a few sits if any.

But modern-times football stadiums are similar to religious monuments now. They've transformed into true places of gathering where strong believers gather together to worship the favourite team. Well, at least the ones that are not down at the pub that are enjoying free spins no deposit to win real money.

Sometimes even praying for the god of sports to empower their team so that it will score more goals than their opponent. In these conditions, football stadiums get a lot of attention and that has lead to the constructions of some very beautiful stadium examples all over the UK.

Wembley Stadium

Anfield - Home of Liverpool

Of course, the home of the cormorants couldn't miss from this list of the most beautiful football stadiums in the United Kingdom. Anfield is one of the most beautiful places to watch football in the entire country, going through constant modernization but also keeping the atmosphere and charm of the good old days.

Goodison Park - Everton

Even though the stadium looks like it could really use some maintenance work and modernization, the wood-built stadium of Goodison Park is one of those traditional UK stadiums where you can truly feel the thrill of football. It stands out of other stadiums across the country by having a church located just a few meters from the corner flag, Goodison Park is truly unique. This church situation also means that they never play the early kick-offs in order not to disturb the service. The Grand Old Lady, as local fans often call it, has been the witness for a lot of memorable and even legendary sporting battles in its long history. The president of the club thinks about relocating the team to a new stadium but it's natural that old and loyal fans don't want to leave their traditional home.

St James Park - Newcastle United

When you first enter the Newcastle stadium and spot the world-famous Gallowgate End it's strong enough to raise the hairs on your back. But that's a natural reaction to a symbol of English football like this one. And even though it isn't the most modern or big stadium in the UK, it has a certain charm and appeal about it that makes you watch it for minutes in a row. And if it has this effect on your when it's empty, just imagine it filled with 50000 loyal-hearted fans! It's a thrill you won't get when playing free slots no download for sure!

Football stadium seats

Old Trafford - Manchester United

There's no denying it, this stadium seems like it transpires history and legendary moments, just like the Caledonian stadium. The "Theatre of Dreams" as fans call it, is the place where all the magic happened for Manchester United through the years and, in case this immense stadium is not enough to convince you, the statues of Law, Bes and Charlton are gazing over the stadium to remind you of its great moments and give you hope for many more to come in the following years.

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