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The Loudest Football Stadiums in the World

The Loudest Football Stadiums in the World

With all the most popular sporting events around the world taking place behind closed doors, we can all agree how we have noticed the missing presence of the fans attending matches. There is no doubt that their presence is a huge drive and motivation for football teams. Especially in uncertain and unpredictable moments within matches, the fans are the morale needed to push through to the hurdles.

The atmosphere at a stadium can have an impact on results. Having empty stadiums at the moment for games, further proves that with so many shock results. We have seen underdogs beating big teams, frustrating many punters with their accas! Especially those who were looking to win big on new betting sites and betting with exclusive bonuses. Bearing all of this in mind, within this article we will reminisce and remember the top loudest stadiums of the world, ones that generate complete energy and drive a motivational force within the hearts of players!

Rajko Mitic Stadium, Red Stars

This stadium is one that has made a name for itself when concerning a set environment for players to thrive in. Also labelled as the Red Star Stadium, this has hosted some of the best football teams within the world, against one another. Red Star is noted to be the best football club within the region of Serbia, and with the best also come the most passionately supportive fans too. This is one of the many reasons as to why Serbia managed to reel in the most championships won nationally, with a total of 31 won to date.

The stadium opened to the public within the year 1963, and has since been renovated completely within the past 5 years. While it was built evolving around an old build for a stadium, the venue actually allows up to 110k fans to sit inside. Yet, it was signalled to hold greater security threat due to the capacity, therefore during the refurbishment, the capacity was then reduced to 55, 600 fans instead. Which is still by number standards, a pretty large figure for fans all cheering and passionately supporting at the same time. Serbians have a reputation for being committed and loyal to the sport, so this understandably explains why it must gain a spot within our list. We are sure the Serbians would most definitely agree with our decision, there is no doubt about that.

Anfield, Liverpool FC

The Anfield stadium has a reputation for passion which is of course translated to a very loud atmosphere. It is said that such huge bellows of the fans can be heard from miles off-it is that loud and supportive! Liverpool within history has been known for having the most supportive fans across the world. When we say fans, we mean die hard fanatics, that only need to be given a time and a place and they will most definitely show up to be heard in terms of their loyalties. The Kop stand is what makes for such loud noise, and for that reason, Anfield needs to be put within our tops spots. It is a must.

The song well known to fans 'You'll never walk alone' is a tune you will hear repeated over and over again, and you can see the effect it has on the players. The morale just boosts back up and the goals just happen. There was even a survey that took place to provide actual factual basis of the decibel level the stadium goes up by when fans sing this song. Yes, it was very loud and went all the way up to a staggering 97!

Westfalenstadion, Borussia Dortmund

This Bundesliga has been a team on the watch as of late, due to the particular talents of Haaland. In addition to this, this team surprisingly has a lot of lungs for its 25,000-seat capacity. Despite it being smaller than the other stadiums mentioned, we put this as one of the loudest stadiums that hold passion within our list. The reason this stadium does not disappoint, is the fact the fans have a record high statistic of turning up to every single event. It's a full stadium, even when the DFB Pokal games happen. This club is regarded as one of the loudest stadiums in all of Europe, for its consistent full-house turn ups, each and every game. That is loyalty for you.

Vodafone Park, Besiktas

The Turkish giants of the region, Besiktas have also been known to make use of the İnönü Stadium too. Due to renovations within 2016, the capacity of the stadium was increased to almost 45,000 capacity. Even though again like the Westfalenstadion, and being on the small side, the Black Eagles are notorious for always turning up and supporting at the top of their lungs. Their support beckons for miles away, and yes, there is no volume button to turn it down a notch. But the fans just continuously thrive off one another and transfer that energy to the team, of course. The team even showed Liverpool who's boss, when Besiktas hosted a game back in the day. Just saying...

Turk Telekom Arena, Galatasaray

Yes, we have another football team within Turkey. Turkey is known to show the most support for their teams within the world, it is consistently reported in the media, of the unbreakable morale and atmosphere. But scientifically speaking to support this, a test was taken to show what the volume would be considered in decibels, for the noise, and it came in at 131.76 decibels! Therefore, whenever Turkish teams such as Galatasaray get compared to the European leagues, well there is no comparison really. If you ever do turn up to a match in Turkey by the off chance, just make sure you turn up with some ear plugs, as it can be quite overwhelming at first.

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