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The Impact of Football Stars as Casino Brand Promoters on Gambling Advertising?

The Impact of Football Stars as Casino Brand Promoters on Gambling Advertising?

Football players frequently endorse companies in a variety of businesses, and gambling isn't any different. The intention is to advertise the allure and thrill of gambling to people who have an interest in the activity. There's no denying the success of this marketing strategy. It appeals to the sentimental tie many fans have toward their preferred athletes. These agreements also increase athletes' income. It's essentially a win-win scenario.

However, are these football stars actually altering the way gambling is advertised? What are these sponsorships' perks and disadvantages? Which football players have promoted casinos the most famously? Read on to find out more about it!

What Are the Advantages of Promotion by Footballers?

The appeal of hiring football players as kind of brand spokespeople must be understood. Football is constantly watched by millions of people all over the world. It's the most well-liked sport around the globe as a result, with 3.5 billion aficionados around the world. Through the promotion of well-known football players, online gambling organizations reap numerous benefits. This kind of marketing initiative may be successful in luring in new clients. This is particularly true for sports lovers who want to try their first hand at online gambling.

Football players can also portray low-deposit casinos as fashionable and thrilling gaming locales. Many people consider gambling on TopCasinoExpert-recommended casino websites, such as casino sites in Spain, to be a high-stakes, opulent hobby. By enlisting football stars in their advertisements, casino businesses can enhance this notion.

There Can Be Some Drawbacks

Another contentious practice involves the utilization of football players as brand advocates for casinos. Those who see gambling negatively believe that their beloved sport is being taken advantage of. Though some sports fans might object to this, it has unquestionably benefited bookmakers and football teams.

It's also important to note that these objections weren't dismissed. Legislators, institutions, and even football clubs have reacted, as witnessed. Casino and sportsbook advertising space has considerably decreased. Although it isn't completely outlawed like cigarettes or alcohol, its use is declining. Many teams now forbid these sponsors from appearing on the shirts, and they hesitate before selling the rights to slots with football-related graphics. This being stated, the athletes themselves frequently decide on specific brand ambassador contracts.

Known Gambling Brand Ambassadors from Football

Numerous well-known football players have promoted gambling businesses as brand ambassadors. A few notable examples ought to be provided.

Portuguese mega-star Cristiano Ronaldo, who has served as a marketing ambassador for PokerStars, is one famous instance. He has made multiple appearances in advertising for the poker website located on the Isle of Man. He has also taken part in a number of unique poker tournaments.

Michael Owen is another illustration. He was a brand ambassador for Maxim88, an online casino and sportsbook company, and is a retired English football player. He has promoted a Singapore-based operator using his status as a pro athlete. This increased brand awareness and attracted new clients.

Wayne Rooney, a former captain of both England and Manchester United, has also served as a brand ambassador for a gambling enterprise. He has benefited greatly from joining British operator 32Red. Given that it ranks among the most well-known real money online gambling sites and betting platforms, this isn't surprising.

David Luiz, an ex-member of the Brazilian national team, has been named BC.GAME's exclusive brand ambassador. He'll serve as the brand ambassador for CryptoCasino with the Curaçao-headquartered firm. In addition, Luiz will advertise the gaming platform via social networking sites and live broadcasts.

Despite his legal issues and scandal, Ronaldinho is still desired by the biggest companies for producing games of chance in the world. The betting company MozzartBet from Serbia selected this former major football star from Brazil to appear in their commercial in 2019. Shortly after it went up, YouTube exploded with thousands of copies of the original video.

Gabriel Omar Batistuta has been named as the Serbian firm SOCCERBET's brand ambassador. One of the greatest footballers in the rich history of the Argentine sport began promoting a reputable sportsbook in Eastern Europe in September 2022.

Numerous more players have represented gambling businesses' brands. Football players are anticipated to assume these responsibilities in increasing numbers during the next few years; more so given how quickly the gaming sector is expanding and changing.


Numerous reputable gaming businesses promote themselves using the fame of football stars. Since many people look forward to well-known athletes as role models, they can draw in new clients. They may also heighten the appeal of gambling. The gambling industry is successfully promoted by this tactic, despite some criticism. Football players will continue to serve as brand ambassadors as a result.

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