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The great meaning of the Etihad Stadium to Manchester City

Originally two teams from the same city, while Manchester United has the Theatre of Dreams, Manchester City has Etihad Stadium. When you mention the name of the Etihad Stadium, you must remember the Manchester city courtyard. This is the stadium at the top of the UK. Join 188BET - famous online football website to find out more about this stadium in the article below!

Etihad Stadium, Manchester City

Overview of Manchester City Stadium

Manchester City Stadium - Etihad has been mentioned a lot by the press with its impressive and unique design in the world. Let's learn about this special stadium to see the love for football of the Europeans.

A few features of the Etihad stadium

The Etihad stadium is located in Manchester, England. This stadium is also the great pride of the city. During the development of Manchester City, Etihad Stadium accompanied the team in the most important moments. With such a long way, fans can understand the meaning of this stadium with the ups and downs of Manchester City.

The history of Etihad stadium

The original construction purpose when building the stadium was to host the 2000 Summer Olympics in England. However, the construction did not go as planned. Until 2002, the stadium was built with a budget of up to 110 million pounds to aim towards the Commonwealth sports tournament.

Manchester City Stadium is the great pride of the city

If you are a fan of Manchester City, surely you have seen the image of Manchester City on the TV screen or the Internet. This stadium design is extremely unique. The Etihad stadium is built in the shape of a bowl with 2 floors surrounding. For the 3rd floor of this stadium, it is separately located on the 2nd floor.

When it comes to Manchester City's achievements, one can not help but mention the name of Manchester City. During the process of development, Manchester City's stadium was a place to witness dramatic football matches of Manchester City with the sponsorship of large agents like 188BET.

In its development process, Etihad is a place to witness Manchester City's dramatic football, successes, and failures. Etihad Stadium is seen as a witness to their formation and development.

The development of the Etihad stadium

If you come to Manchester, do not miss the opportunity to once admire the Etihad Stadium. Manchester City Stadium has always been mentioned as a place where the famous Premier League clubs take place.

Manchester City Stadium is considered a major stadium in the city of Manchester. This stadium is designed modernly and extremely comfortable. This is also the place to host many football matches as well as great sporting events. Indeed, Etihad Stadium is considered the pride of the people of Manchester.

The city government also chooses the Etihad Stadium to hold many important events. When Wembley was not built, Manchester Stadium was chosen as the venue for interesting concerts.

Interesting things about the Manchester City stadium

Manchester City Stadium is considered a unique symbol of the place where the passion for the sport is always burning. Let's learn about the interesting things about this cult stadium.

The place where the Red Devils were defeated by Manchester City

Manchester Stadium used to be the venue for the competition between MU and Manchester City. This is an extremely fierce and uncomfortable fight from the MU team. They put on impressive performances and both were determined to win. Despite playing with an extremely fierce attitude, the Old Trafford team could not win and lost to Manchester City 4-1.

People coming to the Etihad stadium are used to the smell of garlic

It is interesting to note that the Manchester city courtyard once had a strong smell of garlic. The reason for this is related to the care of the pitch. When the Etihad yard was infested with insects, the staff used garlic by grinding it and mixing it with water and spraying it on the ground. This is a fairly effective way to care for the yard and bring significant effects.

This remedy has been used for 2 consecutive years from the yard management. This method of care has been used by many stadiums. This shows that the leadership is very interested in the training conditions of the team.


For the Manchester City team as well as the people of Manchester, the Etihad stadium has a great meaning. This is the place associated with the ups and downs in the development of the Manchester City team. If you have a chance to visit Manchester city, do not forget to visit this great stadium.

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