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Thai World Cup Fans Pick Germany

The FIFA World Cup is well underway and fans have been divided by who would be the winner. Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Germany are perhaps the title favorites this time around, and you would find different opinions according to whom you ask.

The FIFA World Cup is Here!

With the World cup taking over most of the news that you would see for the next two months, football fans are coming out with their own predictions. Sure, many of the guesses are all based on individual opinion, but a public poll does tell who people feel would win.

That matters more if you are a Betway Thai fan since you would know just where the popular sentiment is. If you think otherwise, and bet against the odds of what pundits believe the results to be, you are sure to win greater prize money.

For Thai Fans, It's Germany all the Way!

Overall, many believe that Germany, Brazil and Spain stand higher chances to win. Their past performances are for everyone to take in. People from Thailand think similarly; opinion polls that were conducted on Thai fans showed that a majority of the Thai believed Germany would take the title. It was also their favourite team. Not just that, they possess a strong believe on the team and their talent.

When asked about the winning team in 2018, almost every Thai fan chose Germany. Nida Poll conducted to increase the football fever showed some astonishing results.

A Look at the Survey Results

Germany received 22.6% votes, which were followed by Brazil scoring 19.5%.

The results were based on people's favorite team and had no link with the actual world cup stats. Other countries like England received15.4% votes, Spain got 8.2% and France was at 4.6%. Last in the list were countries Argentina at 4% and Portugal got 3.6%.

However, the results for the "winning team 2018" were a little different from the stats above.

About 27.2% of people thought Germany will win the cup. Next on the line were countries like Brazil receiving 25% of votes, Spain at 9.4% and England got 7.5%. Just like the previous stats, Argentina and Portugal got the lowest scores.

Polls were also conducted to know how excited the fans are regarding world cup. As many as 46% said they will watch the matches while 43% wouldn't. About 10% of the fans religiously follow the game.

Why do the Polls Matter?

The World cup fever has attained full swing now and there are matches every day. The polls, conducted on a regular basis, helps people gauge the current mood.

The FIFA World Cup 2018

The 21st FIFA World Cup features about 32 countries while the final match is going to be held on July 15.

According to previous results, Brazil has won the cup about five times, while Germany and Italy received around four titles. However, while we can predict the likely outcome, we can be sure that there will be a good few surprises along the way. Not many expected Iceland to draw with Argentina for one, and Mexico to beat Germany.

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