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Stretching Link Between Online Casinos and Football Clubs

There has been a growing trend for casino companies to sign sponsorship deals with football clubs. The benefits that these multi-million dollar deals provide is nothing new. After all, the betting companies are getting the opportunity to market their brands to millions of global customers.

The entertainment industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. People love to spend their leisure time in various types of activities. Some spend their times playing online casino games, others spend their time watching their favourite sports. Football is undoubtedly one of the most watched sports in the world. Ever seen an Adidas, Nike or Coca-Cola brand name appear on the jersey of your favourite football player? Fans from all around the world have gotten used to seeing brand name sponsors for their beloved team. These gaming brands offer a lump sum paycheck to the football teams. Moreover, they carry out the effort of promoting the football team within the gambling community. These brand platforms usually provide the fans with a way to engage with their favourite football team through sports betting. To be honest, the advantages are limitless!

If you love football, then you are probably familiar with the Swedish football player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (currently playing for LA Galaxy). Did you know that he has signed up a partnership deal with the renowned betting brand, Bethard?

Football players are now perceived as superstars and have become a magnet for great deals on football sponsorship. As per the reports stated by Breakit (a Swedish technology website), Zlatan will be earning at least around 8 million euros from this partnership deal. Imagine that!

Some reputable partnerships

Check out one of the celebrated sports betting brands in the online gaming and sports betting industry, Bwin Party. The brand is known for establishing multiple partnerships with some of the most popular football clubs of Europe such as FC Bayern Munchen, Juventus, Manchester United, Olympique de Marseille, Real Madrid and RSC Anderlecht. It sponsored Real Madrid from 2007 and 2013, after which the brand merged with Partypoker. Under Bwin Party, the teams managed to secure the La Copa del Rey, 2 Spanish Super Cups, and 2 La Liga titles. The brand even allowed other offers as a part of the sponsorship like offering casino players an opportunity to greet with the team, visit the stadium and get free stadium tours.

Did you know? Even Cristiano Ronaldo wore his Real Madrid jersey with Bwin as the sponsor. How cool is that! Sponsoring Real Madrid allowed the brand to capture around 20% of the total Spanish betting market share. The brand later focused its attention on the Premier League.

If you are in the UK and searching for an authentic land-based casino experience, chances are that people will suggest Genting Casino for you! The UK bingo website and casino giant has over 40 working casinos in the UK and sponsored the 2012 season for Aston Villa F.C. the partnership allowed the brand to make a gaming and entertainment complex at the National Exhibition Center. You can be looking out for popular partnership deals like Genting casino, you should focus on two particular betting brand names, and 188Bet. These brands have previously sponsored reputed football teams like Wigan Athletic and more.

In Italy, a casino giant named Lottomatica has become a renowned casino sponsor for football clubs. The brand sponsors 5 Italian Series A football teams namely Lazio, Sampdoria, Napoli, Milan and Roma. Similarly, another online casino brand, SBOBET signed a partnership with West Ham United in 2008.

World Cup Sponsorship

Let's talk about World Cup 2008. In this competition, the football teams recognized by FIFA fight against each other to become the champions and win the World Cup Trophy (the Jules Rimet Trophy). Thousands of brands try their best to sponsor their businesses using the championship platform. The World Cup event is said to be the third most profitable event in the world as per the reports from Forbes article in 2010. For example, in the 2006 World Cup event, South Africa achieved a sponsorship and marketing revenue of at least $600 million! Insane, right? Well, a new report by FIFA Financial Report stated that the amount is close to €700 million for sponsorship alone and €1.9 billion for marketing revenue. Unreal! If these figures are outstanding, then think again! The 2014 Word Cup in Brazil generated $4.8 billion in revenue! You can do the rest of the maths why the online casinos are so hyped of sponsoring their brand names through the football teams.

For the 2016-2017 season, almost half of the premier league sponsorships were signed by gambling and casino companies. The sponsorship share of these gambling companies increased by 25% in 2012. These trends show the affinity of casinos with the football industry and how this trend will improve with time.

Take Bet365 Group as an example. With over 19 million customers spread all across the world, this gambling company got into a partnership with Stoke City in the year 2012. That very year, the casino generated net revenue of £646 million in 2012 and wagered around £12 billion. An impressive amount! If you love Liverpool, you should know that the football club had signed deals in the past with Misli and Paddy Power. The club partnered up with an online betting company, ComeOn! In 2014.

At the current pace, both sides are at an advantage and this mutual dependency on each other will only improve in the coming years ahead.

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