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Stadium 974: Understanding Qatar's most unique World Cup venue

Stadium 974: Understanding Qatar's most unique World Cup venue

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has raised plenty of eyebrows around the globe. One of the major talking points ahead of the tournament was the stadiums, which were constructed all within the Doha area of Qatar. One of the most remarkable aspects of Qatar is that it is basically just one city, as the rest of the country is small villages in the desert. Doha's eight stadiums are close together, making it possible to see multiple matches on the same day at the World Cup.

Eight stadiums were used during the World Cup 2022. It is the lowest number of venues for a World Cup since the 1978 edition of the competition in Argentina. One of the most talked about stadiums in Qatar is Stadium 974. It is a venue built specifically for the World Cup but will disappear not long after the tournament comes to an end.

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Stadium 974 is unique as it is made entirely out of old shipping containers. The venue is made out of 974 containers. Fans can find the stadium in the Ras Abu Aboud area in the outskirts of Doha. Stadium 974 opened at the end of 2021, around one year before the kick-off of the FIFA World Cup.

Building modern sports stadiums is expensive. The manpower and the materials needed costs millions of pounds. In addition, there are a lot of leftover materials that are thrown away once the build is finished. Stadium 974 is made using recycled shipping containers. Along with the shipping containers, engineers designed the venue with modular steel. The venue is the only stadium in Qatar designed without air conditioning since it will be dismantled at the end of the tournament.

Stadium 974 is claimed to reflect Qatar's traditions of trade and shipping. Some critics will disagree with the claim, as Qatar has only become known to the outside world in the last 30 years and it made its name thanks to oil and gas.

The stadium's name also coincides with the international calling code for Qatar, which is 974. The storage containers used to build the stadium house various parts of the venue, including bathrooms, concessions, and other areas.

Stadium 974 will be taken apart after the FIFA World Cup ends. The venue is the world's first temporary football stadium. Once dismantled the materials will be sent to developing countries to be used in various projects.

The stadium can hold 40,000 spectators for games. Six World Cup group stage matches were held in Stadium 974. The venue also held the round of 16 fixture between the runner-up of Group H and the winner of Group G.

The success of Stadium 974 could inspire other countries, competitions, and sports teams to build temporary stadiums. Temporary venues like Stadium 974 could be the future of competitions such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

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