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Soccer Workouts You Can Do At Home

Whether you are an amateur soccer player, semi-professional, or playing in the top leagues, you need to regularly workout. If you want to be your best you need to constantly use drills to improve your skills. You also need to work out regularly to be in top physical condition.

Every soccer player wants to get the edge over their opponent. Not every soccer player has access to fields outside of regular training and not everyone has access to a gym.

This article contains 5 workouts soccer players can and should do at home in order to improve their fitness and improve their skills.

#1 Cardiovascular endurance workouts

During a soccer game, the best players cover a lot of miles - running backwards, forwards, and sideways. They do so for 90 minutes.

Without the right cardiovascular endurance, it's unlikely that you'll be able to run out a full 90 minutes. There are a number of workouts you can do at home to help improve your endurance.

If your hallway is long enough could look at doing shuttle runs.

If space is more of a premium you could do exercises like jumping jacks and high knees.

Increasing your endurance means you can run longer, it also means you are less likely to make mistakes throughout a game.

#2 Strength workouts

Soccer players need to improve their overall strength - looking for balance but specifically focusing on legs and core. Not everyone has a home gym setup or access to a gym. There are still a number of bodyweight strength workouts you can do at home to improve your strength.

Easy core exercises include plank and push-ups. There are a number of different plank variations you can do. To improve your leg strength (and with the added benefit of working out your core too) you can look at doing squats and lunges, as well as different variations.

There is a cost-effective piece of equipment that will take up no space in your home that can increase the resistance of your workout. If you buy a set of booty bands and use them with your bodyweight exercises mentioned above you will see extra resistance and accelerated results.

Increasing your strength will boost your overall ability to beat your opponents.

#3 Plyometrics

The best soccer players exhibit the most explosive agility. This explosive agility can be enhanced and improved by adding plyometric exercises to your weekly routine.

Space doesn't have to stop you from doing plyometric exercises. There are many that are suitable to do at home. If an exercise utilizes jumping, hopping our bounding it is probably a good plyometric exercise.

Plyometrics improves coordination and strength. Some studies have suggested that adding plyometric exercises to your routine can enhance your reaction time. Enhanced reaction time will improve your soccer game significantly.

#4 Agility

As well as plyometrics there are other agility drills you should add to your weekly routine. These agility exercises can easily be done at home - either with cones or something that can be used similarly - soda cans, etc.

Agility exercises can be used for weaving in and out of the cones, also working on turning and cutting.

Other agility exercises include skipping and ladder drills, leaping from side to side or front to back - all of these exercises can be done from home or in other confined spaces.

#5 Ball drills

While it may seem obvious we think it is important to remind you that you need to spend time working on your ball control. You need to spend time practicing ball mastery.

There are a number of drills that you can do in the confined space of the home. There are a number of ball skill exercises you can do. Dribbles, circles, insides, and outsides. There are a significant number of ball drill exercises you can do in a confined space to increase your ball control. You can also do chest, knee, head, and feet juggling exercises to improve your skills.

We have shared with you many exercises that you can do to improve your soccer skills and abilities. The 5 workout exercises mentioned above can be used whether you are an amateur or a professional, these exercises can be done from home in a confined space.

If you are looking to get the edge over your opponents then you need to add these workouts to your weekly routine. Do yourself a favor and add these workouts today.

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