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Rivals Football Grounds That Are Closest Together

Rivals Football Grounds That Are Closest Together

In football there is nothing quite like a good rivalry. A bit of healthy competition is what makes the sport as exciting as it is. Of course, when it comes to rivalries, there are rivals, local rivals and then... a little bit too local. When football teams grounds are a little bit too close together, it can sometimes make the competition a bit too intense. Here are the football grounds in the UK that are the closest together.

Dundee and Dundee United

Dundee United play at the famous ground Tannadice Park. It originally opened in 1870 with a capacity of 14,223. It's a well renowned site but that isn't what makes it extraordinary, what makes it extraordinary is the fact that it is situated merely 0.2 miles away from its rivals ground Dundee, Dens Park.

Notts County and Notts Forest

Notts County ground Meadow Lane is located a mere 0.7 miles away from Notts Forest's The Nottingham Forest Football Club. Both of these sides are amongst two of the oldest in the world and as such, the Nottingham derby is a notorious event. The fact that both grounds are situated so close to one another makes for an incredibly exciting derby day.

Their first meeting was on 22nd March 1866, which ended in a 0–0 draw. Their first competitive meeting took place in the 1878 FA cup, which was a bit more exciting and ended in a 3-1 victory for Nottingham Forest. Countless games have occurred since and due to the heated atmospheres of the derbies, they are something to behold.

Liverpool and Everton

The rivalry between Liverpool and Everton is arguably one of the most famous in football, spurred on because of the closeness of the teams, the passion of the fans and the situation of their grounds. Anfield and Goodison Park are situated only 0.8 miles away from one another.

The teams are notorious for their derbyies such as the most recent game in February of 2021 where Everton managed to put 2 goals past the red devils to secure a 2-0 victory. The odds on Everton beating the former league champions were stacked against them and as such, this win was a huge upset to Jurgen Klopp's side. In the upcoming season, the chances of Everton winning the derbies are just as slim, but previous games have evidently shown us that anything is possible so you may not want to bet against them just yet. If you are wondering how to find a betting site to place such bets on, then the Canadian Reviewer recently published an article discussing the signs to look for in a great online sports betting site.


These are only 3 of the closest football grounds in the UK, there are others such as those for Chelsea and Fulham, Aston Villa and Birmingham and Hibernian and Hearts. Due to the rivalry between these teams and the close proximity of where they play, these derbies are an absolute must see for any footballing fan.

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