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Planning an Awesome Football Stadium Tour This Summer

Planning an Awesome Football Stadium Tour This Summer

Summer is coming home and we're all itching to enjoy the warm weather. If you've missed walking through the stadium grounds and hearing the crowds go wild, you're not alone. However, there's something cathartic about standing over an empty football stadium. If you're here looking to plan an awesome stadium tour, you're in the right place. Rather than telling you how to pick up the phone, send an email, or book tickets online for a single stadium, we're here to tell you some awesome ways to tour as many football stadiums as you can this summer. After all, can you ever get too much football?


What better way to kick off the summer than a tour of the English Premier League stadiums - it is the home of football, after all. If you've ever been to England, you'll know that the cost of transport is phenomenally high in comparison to other places in the world. Travelling the length of England by train can cost as much as £200 for a single ticket depending on when you buy (the earlier tends to be the better). You'll be impressed to know that you can visit every Premier League stadium for under £250. Believe it or not, you will only need to touch 14 cities in total, and you'll get to see 20 stadiums. The average price for your bus/train tickets will be £17. With the travel taken care of, you can sit back and check the football scores, place some bets, and play some spin casino slots (you might even be able to cut costs further if you're lucky).

Other Expenses

There will be other expenses to consider: accommodations, food and drinks, and anything else you decide to do. However, you can still keep those things cheap. If you don't mind sharing your living space with other fellow travellers, you should stay in a hostel, which you can get for as little as £15 per night.

The most expensive cost you will face is the tickets for the individual stadium tours. On average, it will cost you around £70 per ticket, with higher prices depending on the type of experience and the stadium. To see all 20 stadiums, you will be spending around £2000 - football isn't cheap.

I Can't Afford That!

If you haven't got the savings behind you to afford all 20 stadiums, there's still a great way to get your fill of tours. Travel to London, see the tourist sights, and while you're there, you can see five of the Premier League stadiums. This way, you will get to see some phenomenal stadiums, cut the tour costs by around £1500, and you'll benefit from London's cheap public transport network.

Spending some of your hard-earned cash seeing some of the greatest stadiums in the world, all rich in history, is an awesome way to spend a red-hot summer. Remember, you don't need to see every single stadium if you can't afford it - the most important thing is that you have fun along the way.

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