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High-Quality Football Coverage Courtesy of Pixellot


Football broadcasts are provided courtesy of a number of high-cost networks such as Fubo TV, Spectrum, Fox, ESPN, Telemundo, FITE TV, ESPN, ESPN +, Univision, CBS Sports, beIN Sports, DAZN, Mycujoo, GOL TV, UEFA.TV, TUDN, and scores of other broadcasters around the world. One of the biggest bugbears of the established football broadcasting scene is the prohibitive cost of providing coverage to amateur teams, club level teams, and semi-professional teams. The coaches, players, and fans at the majority of untelevised football games are generally expected to grin and bear it, with limited football coverage of their matches.

The status quo remained unchanged until recently, with the launch of innovative sports broadcasting solutions courtesy of companies like Pixellot. Automated sports broadcasting production is all the rage nowadays. Amateur teams and semi-professional teams are turning to dynamic technological systems to give them the edge in sports broadcasting. Unlike network broadcasters with camera crews and incredibly expensive equipment, the new-age systems by Pixellot rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning to deliver high quality panoramic broadcasts.

Expanding Football Coverage with Automated Sport Cameras


Source: Pixellot Twitter Profile

Pixellot provides an ingenious solution for football teams around the world. Whether it's casual soccer club games, semi-professional games, or professional league-level football games, the self-same sports broadcasting excellence is guaranteed. With this system, it is entirely possible for club football teams to embrace cutting-edge technology such as Deep Learning, to broadcast football games to fans at a fraction of the cost of traditional network broadcasting fees.

During the development stage of proceedings, Pixellot designers, developers, engineers, and technical experts brainstormed to develop the ultimate camera technology to meet the exigencies of real life football matches. It's no mean feat following all the action on the football pitch, including strikes, tackles, fouls, penalties, corners, headers, saves, et al. It takes an ingenious solution to seamlessly stitch together all of these plays in a panoramic broadcast. Players, coaches, and fans expect nothing less, and Pixellot certainly delivers with maximum football coverage.

How Does the Camera System Work on the Football Field?


Source: Pixellot YouTube Channel

At its core, Pixellot is a trailblazing authority in the automatic production of sports for stakeholders worldwide. Games are produced in high definition, with no camera crews, video editors, or other technical staff required. It's an AI camera system capable of extraordinary broadcasting and analytics. By eliminating skilled human operators, football clubs can rely on this artificial intelligence broadcasting solution to deliver deeply discounted broadcasts, with tremendous advantages for the local football fans, football players, and football development.


Source: Pixellot YouTube Virtual Camera and Algorithms Behind the Scenes

The camera head units are capable of covering a 180° spectrum of the playing surface, with wide football coverage in HD. Seamless panning of the action is possible, courtesy of a single camera head unit, with individual cameras each covering a section of the football field. Then, all of the shots are seamlessly stitched together. The artificial intelligence element at play, in combination with proprietary algorithms, focus the action where it needs to be, zooming in, and zooming out, tilting, and panning to provide football fans with the best possible views of the action. It's these algorithms which create the virtual camera and the play which everybody sees.

Additionally, the technology allows for overlays. These include the banners, time clocks, scoreboards, announcements and other pertinent information that may get juxtaposed over the action during sports broadcasts. Pixellot has developed several high-tech camera head units, each of which is capable of covering 180° of the field. By stacking the physical camera heads in such a way as to provide the broadest football coverage, the technology delivers the equivalent of a manned sports broadcast. While there are individual cameras operating in unison on the head unit, they are stitched together to provide a smooth, panoramic view of the action.


Source: Pixellot on YouTube

Pixellot mobile users can choose their preferred perspective from an easily downloadable app, featuring the ultra-wide panoramic image. With this option, users can effortlessly move around the field, capturing the action they want to see. Fans can essentially zoom into all scenes, generating replay action at will. Preset tags allow viewers to tag the action as it unfolds. The Pixellot system is fully capable of generating highlight clips for added advantage.

To cap it off, football fans can save and share clips with friends, colleagues, and fellow sports aficionados via social media options like Facebook, AirDrop on iPhone and iPad, Message, or Mail. These types of conveniences make this AI sports broadcasting solution that much more enticing to football teams across the spectrum. With video on demand technology available through Pixellot, all the games are ready to watch whenever required. The options include live games, VOD, featured, and demo.

For added convenience, the Pixellot TV Viewer is readily available through the Google Play Store for Android devices, and the App Store for iOS devices.

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