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Looking for Loud Football Action? Welcome to the 7 Loudest Stadiums

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Over 4 billion fans| follow Association football (soccer) making up half of the world's population. If you are an avid football fan, you are always looking for the next big action.

Whichever league you follow, you always want to catch the biggest games live. Some stadiums stand out due to the lively action and passion. The loudest football stadiums also serve the most exciting sporting action.

If you want to enjoy live football action, below are some of the loudest stadiums you should visit:

1. StadionFeijenoord - Feynoord

Sitting a total of 51,000 fans, the home of Dutch club Feynoord has featured prominently in Dutch football. The StadionFeijenoord reverberates with chants of "'Can't get enough' or 'Feynoord Till I Die," whenever the home team plays. It is one of the reasons this has become a fortress for the home team.

2. Anfield; Liverpool, England

The mention of "You Will Never Walk Alone," instantly conjures images of the Reds better known as Liverpool. For decades, the kops or Liverpool fans have made Anfield one of the most raucous football stadiums. The stadium accommodates 61,905 fans.

3. Toumba Stadium; PAOK, Greece

Opened in 1959, Toumba Stadium is the home of PAOK and accommodates 45,252 people. The most popular chants you'll hear when visiting are "Toumba Will Boil" and "Partizan."

4. Ataturk Olympic Stadium; Besiktas, Turkey

Besiktas Football Club is synonymous with football in Turkey. Since 2013, the football club relocated to the Ataturk Olympic Stadium as their home ground (BJK Inonu Stadium) underwent renovation. The club's fans have already managed to make one of the loudest football clubs in the world.

5. Red Star Stadium; Red Star Belgrade, Serbia

With a capacity of 55,538, the Red Star Stadium has, at times witnessed almost double the capacity. It is the home of Serbia's most popular football clubs the Red Star Belgrade. The Delije (fans) have made this one of the loudest stadiums in the world as they chant pobedo and Ale, Ale, Aleo.

6. Turk Telecom Arena, Galatasaray

The home ground stadium of Galatasaray is Turk Telecom Arena and it is one of the loudest football stadiums in the world. In 2011, the noise at one time reached 131 decibels despite a capacity of only 52,652. It is this support that has propelled Galatasaray's success.

7. Stadio San Paolo, Napoli

Stadio San Paolo, Napoli is the third-largest stadium in Italy with a capacity of 60,240. It is the home base of Napoli football club, and visitors to Naples remark that the city seems to shake whenever the team plays. The loudest cheers go to the favourite players or new signings.

Beyond the Football Stadiums

While most fans would like to attend every match, hectic lifestyles make this impossible. Many fans now watch their favourite teams online. Other avid fans interact more with their favourite players through online football games.

Igaming developers such as ComeOn now provide football fans with more innovative outlets to enjoy their favourite sport. Today, over 2.4 billion gamers in the world and many of these enjoy football action.

Final Thoughts

If you love football, you appreciate the thrill of attending live matches. At these stadiums, you will savour real passion of football fans supporting their teams. However, you can also enjoy football action online through football gaming.

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