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Live Football Betting Tips

In the past, punters weren't able to place bets after a match has kicked off. Many have even missed major wins just become they couldn't place their bets on time. All of that has changed with the invention of live betting. In short, it you to stake while the match is underway, and not just to pick the winner. As a matter of fact, live betting has branched out to hundreds of football markets, even overtaking pre-match betting at many bookies.

Thanks to technological advancements in the past few decades, live betting allows bookmakers to provide odds for events that are currently underway. Although it can be applied to literally any sport imaginable, live betting is most commonly used on football. If you've never tried it, you don't know the thrill. It's a completely different experience to what you're used to and quite a better one at that. Even better, most operators nowadays also offer free live streaming. Championship streaming for free is usually available to registered customers - is there anything better than betting and watching the match live from your phone?

With that being said, live betting is a bit more complex than any other market. If you want to be profitable with it, you'll need to pay attention to a few things.

Set Limits

Before you place down a bet, it's very important to set your limits. You can set daily or weekly budget and never go over it if you want to stay in the game for longer. Thanks to the attractive odds, live betting can be pretty enticing and burn through your money quickly. If you want to survive the game, set limits and stick to them.


Since things in live betting are changing by the second, you need to focus on the match you're betting on. You can't just sit and have a few drinks while waiting for the outcome. Live betting is a totally different beast than pre-match betting and requires a different approach. Focus on the match itself and track all the information if you want to win big.

Do Your Homework

If you're a footie fan, you know that there are many factors that influence how a match ends. Even if a big favourite plays against a lowly team, the condition of the grounds, injuries, and recent form (among others) greatly define how things might end. Do your research when you want to bet on live matches. Some teams may score early in the match while others often leave it late. This is an important statistic that can help you predict the final score.

Back Favourites When They're Losing

One of the greatest betting tips you'll learn on live football betting is to back a favourite when they lose. Why? Well, favourites have the power to turn things around. It's not uncommon for a weaker side to take the lead against a favourite only to see themselves fall back down to Earth.

So, when a favourite like, let's say Barcelona is down a goal or two, the odds to turn the match around become quite high for the Catalans. If you believe that the favourite can do it, bet on those odds and wait for the outcome. More often than not, favourites steer the result back in their direction. Remember the recent Tottenham - Ajax CL semi-final match? Punters that were smart to back Tottenham up when they were down 2-0 are counting their money now.

The Magic of Special Bets

You know what's the best part of live football betting? Special bets. You can place a bet on different stuff such as goals or corners conceded, the number of throw-ins, and other factors that make live betting so exciting. Predicting when the next corner or which player gets a yellow or red card next comes with pretty great odds, so there's money to be earned in these specific markets.

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