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How to Get Your Football Fix Online

Whether you're missing football in the off-season or just in the weekdays between matches, it can seem like there's not much else to do. If football is top of your list of hobbies, as it is for many across the world, it's hard to replace the excitement you get from watching a match.

However, even on those days where you can't watch the game in person or live on TV, it's worth remembering that football isn't gone completely! There are plenty of things that can tide us over as we wait for the first sound of the referee's whistle. Here are a few activities that will do just that.

Try some online casino games

The gambling world is one of the most popular aspects of football that's not found on the pitch. For a lot of us, our weekly accumulator is as essential as the game itself. But without those matches, there's no way to get your fix of betting excitement.

That is where online casinos come into play, where just about anyone can test their luck and skill in a range of games across live casinos here. From blackjack, roulette and poker to slots, football fans can find the excitement of betting anytime or anywhere with online and mobile betting.

Enhance your football knowledge

If you're not a player, they say the next best thing to watching the beautiful game is reading about it. There are a plethora of books available for any football fan to sink their teeth into - from autobiographies, tactical insights and weird and wonderful tales from the game around the world.

Recommended reads include 'The Ball is Round' by David Goldblatt, 'Football Against the Enemy' by Simon Kuper and 'Managing my Life' by Alex Ferguson. No matter what part of football you're interested in, you're sure to find a book that resonates with you.

Watch some classic games

If your itch for watching the football is too great to subside with any alternative, the only thing for it is to indulge yourself in the highlights of games gone by. With no live football to offer, a lot of broadcasters are replaying classic matches on their channels. Along with the power of the YouTube search bar, the hours you could spend watching are endless.

From this season's highlights, classic European nights to fierce rivalries that resulted in the most noteworthy matches, sitting back and enjoying the best of what football has to offer might just satisfy your appetite while you wait for the weekend or for the new season.

Get better at the real thing

One thing that can certainly compete with the thrill of watching football is the similar excitement of playing the beautiful game. Get out on the pitch with your friends for a match or just a kickabout.

If, for whatever reason, that's not practical, you can always work on your technique by yourself or have a kickabout with one other person. Any sort of football activity is enough to benefit both the mind and the body - keeping you active and maintaining that focus on football that you love.

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