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How to Get the Most from your Money through Online Betting in 2020

No one ever said sports betting was easy. Even legendary punters lose their bets, sometimes several times in a row. But they don't give up. Instead, they continuously find ways to improve their betting skills until they become profitable.

But how do you maximize your betting profits when nothing seems to work for you? Here are tips to help you change how you approach betting and begin to maximize your wins.

Learn the Fundamentals

Online betting is simple. Anyone can place a bet and even make a profit. The problem comes in being able to win consistently. That calls for a bit of seriousness and professionalism. You must understand the ins and outs of betting, and more so, the teams and sports you love to predict.

For starters, learn about all major types of football wagers if you plan to bet on the beautiful game. Know the difference between handicaps European and Asian handicaps so well that you can explain to novices.

Learn how to read odds so that you know which bookmaker gives you the best odds for every wager. Invest your time in learning about different leagues, their teams and best players. Mostly, you want to become an expert in sports before you become a good punter.

Choose Reliable Betting Sites

What's worse than losing a bet? Winning a wager only for a betting site to withhold your money indefinitely—it happens a lot, and you've probably experienced it. Some bookies might not withhold your profits, but they could have slow loading websites that become inaccessible every time you want to bet. Either way, you don't want to be on the receiving end of an unreliable betting site.

Use top-rated websites like Bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill for all of your betting needs. Read William Hill's review on as well as find more guides related to betting. Consider joining two or more bookie sites so that you can profit off their regular bonuses and compare their odds better.

Set Goals and Objectives

One of the reasons people lose frequently is because they want to make unrealistic profits from every bet. Some people don't even research in-depth. They use their general knowledge of teams to predict which side wins. They then find more teams to form accumulators and win ten times or more their bets.

Of course, people who bet without objectives lose more times than they win. You probably don't want to be among them, so create your betting objectives. Decide how much profit is okay and bet to realize the specific amount of cash weekly or monthly.

When you don't achieve your weekly goals, stay focused so that you can make your target for the following week. Don't chase your losses by doubling your wagers or betting more times than you typically do. Stick to your plans, and you'll probably achieve your long-term objectives.

Master the Art of Value Betting

Value betting is all betting experts talk about these, and you should pay attention to it. Without it, you'll be betting to earn peanuts. It doesn't matter if you wager £10 or £1000. If you get less than 20% of your money back from your bets, you are not maximizing your profits.

Value betting involves looking for wagers whose odds are too high but likely to happen. In essence, your job is to look for underrated teams on betting sites and to bet maximum amounts on them. If you can find valuable bets consistently, you could make at least 60% profits every time you bet.

Of course, you would have to use odds comparison tools like to spot the betting site offering the best odds for each wager. You would also need to spend a lot of time researching games until you find a value bet you are confident you could predict correctly.

Avoid Accumulators

Accumulators can earn you massive profits on your lucky day. But because you have to stack up to four or more wagers into one, the odds of winning the wagers are painfully low. Of course, some people have perfected of betting parlays and make good returns from them.

But if you are like most players, stick to single bets. If you must bet on multiple teams, don't accumulate them into one bet. Research each game and place your bets individually. If you bet on bookies that give you the most value, you could earn a lot more money that way than through accumulators.

Many professionals also advise you keep the number of bets you place per day to a minimum. Even if you bet for a living, it's not prudent to bet five or more games each day. The time and efforts it requires to research multiple games will wear you out.

Bet on one, two or three games per day if you want to be a professional. Otherwise, you could limit yourself to one bet per day or three wagers per week. As long you can meet your weekly goals, the specific number of bets you place doesn't matter.

Learn How to Manage your Bankroll

First off, bet with money you can afford to lose. Let's say you choose £200 as your monthly bankroll. Design a budget so that you know how much you can afford to bet on each wager. With £200, you could place 20 wagers worth £10 each. That's alright, especially if you can win 14 or more of the games.

Assuming you place bets worth 1.8 odds, you would have £250 at the end of the month if you won 14 wagers. If you won 16 bets of odds 2.0, you would have £320 in your account at the end of the month.

To Conclude

If you want to start winning consistently, change your approach of betting. Begin to find value in every bet you place. Choose reliable bookies and always bet on the site, offering you the most value for your money. Of course, you must research each game meticulously before you bet. It's the only way to find value bets, after all.

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