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How Football Fields Are Created

How Football Fields Are Created

Have you ever wondered exactly how a football field is created? Today modern technology has made it very easy and robots are in fact a part of the story. Read along and learn more!

Football fields are an important part of playing football - and yet we just take it for granted that they are there. But how are they actually created? The truth is that nothing is a coincidence and that there are strict rules for how these fields are constructed. The job can take a lot of work, hours and paint, but modern technology and robots provide a helping hand.

Line marking throughout the years

Traditionally a lot of manual work went into painting the white lines on the green grass of the football field. However, today football pitch line marking can be done way more effectively with smart, little robots.

Painting a pitch the old fashioned way required 3 people, 45 minutes and 8 litres of paint. That made it a demanding and expensive job. In comparison a robot can paint the pitch all on its own (you just need one person to control it with an app), it can set it up in 5 minutes, have it done in 21 and with only 4 litres of paint.

As you can see, creating a football field has gotten a lot easier over the years. However, there are still certain rules that must be followed - especially if you want your football pitch to be nothing less than top professional.

The color of the turf is...

... green, of course! One of the very important rules regarding football pitches is that the turf must be green. Other than that it is a clear preference that the grass is natural, flat and in great condition.

However, this does not mean that everyone chooses to follow these guidelines. In fact, some competitions run by UEFA use artificial grass or a mix of natural and not so natural materials. So, if you are creating your own football field (maybe with help from a robot) it is up to you to decide if the grass should be natural or not.

The right dimensions is key

It is key that a football pitch has the right dimensions. That makes for the best and most fair game. So what exactly is "the right dimensions"? Well, it means something like this:

Now you know the basics of creating a football field. Maybe you will need to put it to use some day?

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