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History of Sports Betting in India

History of Sports Betting in India

The evolution of betting in Asian countries

Thousands of years ago, civilization was booming in India. Before world trade began, it was a fairly successful and self-sufficient country which was constantly evolving. Along with all the developments came the cultural enlightenment of the people, languages and religion. One of the most popular cultural activities over the centuries has been betting on different sports. To be more specific, this form of entertainment has been around since around 300 years BC. Back in that time, it was popular to bet on:

During the 15th century, gambling with bets became widespread across the continent. And all local governments allowed this type of recreational activity, as it gave people a chance to have fun and make money.

But in 1867 everything changed radically. The British government after taking over the colonies introduced their own laws, one of which was about playing gambling. It banned all forms of this entertainment. Some acts of this law are still in use today. But many provinces have passed their own bills and got away with the prohibition. That way, they are free to develop in technological gaming.

Cricket's Development

During the 18th century, a new type of betting on an imported sport - cricket - began to develop and become actively promoted.

Cricket is the only sport that was there at the beginning of the betting development and that is still alive today. More than half of Indians continue to bet on groups which are their favourites. In those days, there were no laws restricting the people in this field.

Modern Laws

As for the 21st century, there are no internet gambling restrictions in the 22 states of the country. All in the country there are 29 states, 7 of which have introduced specific bills on online entertainment such as betting and online gaming.

The state cannot regulate platforms that have foreign licences.

This is the reason why many operators prefer to obtain a foreign licence. It will give full rights to legally provide services in gambling activities.

Internet technology is dictating new rules. Access to betting has become much easier, now there is no need to go and look for any bookmaker and follow the games at the same time. These days, sports bettors have the chance to analyse the results carefully, and predictions are made based on facts about the players and teams.

Looking at the way the gambling and betting industry is developing, one can guarantee that the Indian government will soon decide to change the laws to make betting legal. Such a decision would help take the country's economy to the next level.

The Future of Sports Betting

There is no disputing the fact that the betting industry is growing every year. The bookmaker's revenues are increasing as the popularity of the betting industry is increasing.

In terms of exact numbers, all betting sites have already crossed the $203 billion dollar border for net profits in 2020.

India has a strong betting industry, especially in cricket betting. The people of this country simply love this non-standard sport across the globe. Economists have done the maths and found that the income of all betting sites will reach 90 billion rupees a year. Projections are that in 2023 years this number will exceed Rs 150 billion. They calculated an approximate growth rate of 13.6 per cent for the net profits of such institutions.

The Best Betting Site in India

A great choice for beginners and professional bettors alike is Odds96 bookmaker. It is a leading sports betting site that has an excellent lineup of gaming events, high odds and generous bonus offers.

Odds96 India focuses on client needs. Here you can make secure payments without any commission.

The platform itself was launched in 2021 under Breakout Group . Since it has been licensed by Curacao we can talk about a completely legal and safe game. The operators are constantly in talks to ensure that the customers are always in a state of legality.

Players who have never bet on sports at Odds 96 will be able to get a nice bonus on their first bet. It will be Rs 1,000 after registering and creating a personal account. The operators believe that the bonus money will help players to test the necessary features and only after analysing all the information can they start playing for real money.

For those who like to make decisions at a moment's notice, there is a unique Live Betting section. Here you can watch live bets and make decisions about:

The bookmaker provides live betting on racing, cricket, baseball, football, cyber sports and more.

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If you just want to join a group of successful bettors, you have a lot to go through. The first and most important rule is to find a legal and honest bookmaker. It is this fact that is telling, as otherwise you will spend your money, but you can't get it back. Pay attention to the licence, the countries where the platform is allowed, follow the news about the site and check how the operator strives to protect personal information . Only after you have found a site you trust should you start researching strategies, tips and tactics.

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