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Football Uniforms are Loaded With Casino Sponsorships - Why Is That?

Football Uniforms are Loaded With Casino Sponsorships - Why Is That?

Clubs are earning almost £350 million from sponsorships. At the same time, 17 out of 24 clubs in the last year's Championship had gambling football sponsors. The Premier League's uniforms were packed with logos from gambling firms, and this trend is expected to continue at full steam.

The question is, what makes this sponsorship such a big business for gambling companies? Could it simply be because of exposure and profit? Or is it actually worth more than people realize? Here, you can take a closer look at exactly what makes the 90 min game such a go-to advertising strategy for casinos and any renowned brand in the gambling industry.

What Makes the Premier League Popular for Betting Firms?

With an average live audience of over 517 million viewers, the exposure paves the way for a perfect marketing opportunity. Plus, very few football league sponsors can work out that much money for an advert, making it a solid growth chance for gambling firms.

Given the amount of audience, the brand obtains solid publicity and awareness. This is an excellent chance to globalize a brand, whether it is new or has long been in the market. The ads reach a broader audience, which could turn into potential clients.

Is There Something More?

It's all for profit. The partnership between clubs and gambling companies is a symbiotic one, where both sides obtain exactly what they want. The firms get exposure, while the clubs maintain a hefty amount of finances. People can get access to casinos that accept echeck even while still watching a live football match. Due to the current pandemic, online casinos have become a popular destination for those stuck indoors. For reputable betting firms, this has made them put an emphasis on championship adverts.

How Was the Betting Industry Drawn Into Football?

Every advertising tactic has its own role to play. There are a couple of reasons betting companies choose this type of approach. Here are a few reasons that linked them to the football championship.

Worldwide Appeal

When partnering with championship clubs, firms can market their services in a huge amount of countries, even in areas where online casinos may be controversial. They can pass off as a football commercial, introducing their services to a global audience.

Take a newspaper report, for example. When there is an image of the uniform the players wear, the odds of people seeing that sponsor name are relatively high. That's because people interested in the sport will like to read more about it. And sports magazines will use only the most reliable and high-quality images, constantly supplying the sponsors with publicity.

Match-Day Programs

With over 44.7% of the English adolescents playing football, it is certainly one of the most acknowledged sports in the country. Even more, adults are inclined to watch it. So, it is no wonder why gambling companies have taken the approach to advertising in this popular field. So far, their efforts have paid off.

Roughly 60% of clubs have partnered up with a betting firm, which has made the majority of match-day programs packed with gambling branding. This can be seen in most of the uniforms that the players wear during a match.

It may seem controversial to many, given the fact, they are advertising gambling, but it is a worthwhile strategy for those who want to maintain adequate exposure to gain profit.

Besides, gambling firms are tapping into a market they know prefers football gambling. There is, without a doubt, a huge amount of potential for a target audience. In developed countries, particularly the UK, gambling sponsorship is a common occurrence.

In the United Kingdom, football is a national sport, which creates a turnover of around 468 million British pounds. Most of these profits come from licensing, sponsorship, and broadcasting rights.


A partnership between an influential gambling firm and a football club is the new norm. Although companies such as these have long focused their marketing strategies on the football field, it seems that the marketing trend is here to stay. Due to the huge amount of exposure and profit to gain, it can be quite hard to miss. Therefore, it will remain a viable advertising approach for both smaller and bigger enterprises that are able to afford it.

This article was brought to you by Jeff Blaylock. With years of covering online gambling content and immeasurable experience, he has decided to cover more peculiar content that could interest readers. This is a practical report that can help shed some light on the gambling advertising industry.

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