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Football Betting During the Offseason

European football is like a fantastic TV series. It hooks you from the start and leaves you in suspense when it ends. If you love betting on the EPL, La Liga and other topflight leagues, you're probably feeling the frustration.

There's a long way to go before a new football begins and grants you another chance to make money. But what do you do before then? Do you quit betting and do something else? How do you stay profitable as a punter during this offseason?

Minor League Betting

The EPL is out of action, but there are numerous football leagues in action. Major League Soccer, for example, is in full force. Most South American and African countries, Japan, Norway, Sweden and Norway also have active leagues.

And like the major leagues, there are many quality sides all over the world. Find the right bookie, and you'll spot numerous markets every day. Don't worry about the lack of data. Some apps could help you get vital information about any teams and leagues in the world.

Surprisingly, these small leagues can be exceedingly rewarding when you bet correctly. What does this mean? Unlike the EPL, teams in some countries are ridiculously predictable. Invest a bit of time in research, and you could make decent cash betting on minor world leagues.

National Tournaments

Neymar Jr. and Salah may not be representing their clubs at the moment, but they aren't partying either. The Brazilian is busy trying to win the Copa America title while the Egyptian is battling for the Africa Cup of Nations.

If you haven't been following either tournament, you're missing out as a punter. Like the Champions League, international competitions are characterised by drama, missed penalties and late goals. Surprise exits and underdogs outshining big teams may catch you off guard. But that's the beauty of betting.

International matches don't end at tournaments. Look out for Friendly games up until the football season is back. While they may not happen every week, international friendlies are always worth the time.

Women Football

Countries all around the world are taking women football seriously. Take a look at this year's Women World Cup in France for proof. While not every match is captivating, some games are incredibly competitive.

Bookies are also paying attention and provide markets for all manner of women football competitions. From Bahrain to South Africa, Chile to New Zealand, there are plenty of tournaments for you to wager in the women soccer scene.

Follow football betting guides like to get alerts and suggestions on how to bet profitably. Even if you prefer to research on your own, tipsters regularly share information you may not have.

Youth Football

Youth football goes on around this time of the year. Professional players are not attached to their clubs. There are few tournaments on TV and fans pay attention to any matches broadcast live. This is also a chance to make money as a punter.

Youth football can be challenging to predict, though. While it involves teams you know, the players are young and inexperienced. They've probably not represented their countries before, making it incredibly mind-numbing to predict who wins.

But in the same way it's challenging for you; youth football is difficult for bookies. Bookmakers follow the hype or favour teams whose senior sides have better players. If you do your research skillfully, you'll beat the house effortlessly.

Under-21 matches are better to deal with compared to, let's say, under-16 players. Stick to European tournaments or other quality competitions. You'll need data, and it can be hard to find when dealing with minor leagues.

Pre-season Games

The Emirates Cup happens just before the EPL begins, and so do many pre-season tournaments and friendly matches. It's easy to miss most of the events, mainly because they take place overseas. Find which teams participate in pre-season tournaments beforehand and tick the dates when the action will happen.

Look out for cross-continent friendlies. EPL teams tend to compete against North American or Australian sides. La Liga sides have tendencies of holding friendlies against South American or Arab countries. Regardless, these matches occur between world-class teams and average clubs. Pick the right games, and you could win money in all of them.

Time to Learn

Quality betting opportunities are hard to come by during the offseason. But as you'd probably admit, there's probably something you've always wanted to learn. Maybe it's matched betting. Do you know how it works? Are you good at ACCA bets?

Now that you have enough free time to read blogs and eBooks, invest your knowledge of the game. Discover what handicaps are all about or why some punters swear by double bets. Learn more about betting software and decide whether it's something you'd ever want.

While you're in a learning mood, pull out your betting records. Go through your previous bets to trace patterns and mistakes you may want to avoid in future. Do you always predict correctly on specific teams? Bookmark them.

By the time you're done with this process, you'll be a better punter. Seriously—the new tips you learn online, or findings from your past bets can change how you approach betting in future.

Play-Football themed Slots

So, you love football but can't find quality games? Consider playing football themed slots. You love betting, right? Playing slots may not be the same thing as betting on bookie sites. But they lead to the same result. Winning means more money for you.

The best part about slots machines is that they're easy to play and you get your results instantly. They're also entertaining, at least when you win. But keep in mind they're as addictive as regular sports betting and losing is part of the equation.

In Conclusion

The football offseason can feel lonely if you're a punter. But surprisingly, there are lots of fantastic tournaments going on. If you can't bet on women football, try youth tournaments or women football. Catch up with international friendlies or pre-season games. If you can't find good matches, use this offseason to learn aspects of betting you've always wanted to learn.

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