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Everton's Big Stadium Shake-Up: What Can We Expect?

Everton's Big Stadium Shake-Up: What Can We Expect?

Every once in a while, even the biggest clubs like to shake things up a little bit. Everton FC appears to be the next big club set to up roots, and if recent plans and rumours are to be believed, they will be making a transition that could well change the way that people see the club for good. In a positive way, of course!

However, plans are not without controversy. Even those who have betted on Everton for years through STS ( might find the proposed new setup a bit of an eye-opener.

But what exactly can we expect from Everton's new digs? Let's take a closer look.

Where is Everton Moving To?

Everton's directors have plans to move the club to a whole new stadium down at the Liverpool waterfront. Specifically, the new arena for the team is set to launch at Bramley Moore. This means that fans and visitors will have the chance to enjoy matches while overlooking the world-famous Mersey river.

It's apparently been a bit of a collaboration, as the club has reached out to fans for input. Designers and planners have continued to proceed with the project even during this year's uncertain climate. However, there will still be a few hoops to jump through.

What Are the Hurdles Everton Needs to Jump?

Everton's board has continued to push ahead for the new 52,888-seater stadium amid some concerns from local groups. Specifically, there have been worries that the ground will infringe on the area's UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, recent news suggests that the club's board has made a few changes to their plans to meet groups in the middle. Bodies such as Historic England and The Victorian Society have weighed in on the scheme. Thankfully, it appears that, so far, Everton has worked hard to appease everyone.

What Will Be the Knock-On Effect?

Any kind of stadium move will be a massive upheaval for players and fans alike. While stadium planning is well underway, it's likely we probably won't be seeing the new stadium until at least winter 2023 / 2024. That means a few more seasons before it's all change.

However, this all depends on how proposals continue to go down. Everton's board is keen to start work as early as January 2021. This will mean that they have clear targets set to build and finish the new dockland site by the middle of the 23/24 season.

The board advises that the stadium is likely to create 15,000 extra jobs in the city. They also advise that the scheme and new arena could bring more than £1 billion to the UK economy, which may still be in a period of recovery following the current recession.

Ultimately, Everton's aim is to bring their world-class football to a whole new stadium in the years to come. Who can blame them? Stadium building and moving is very big news indeed – and fingers crossed they can get the go-ahead while respecting the local area and its history.

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