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College Football in America

College Football in America

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the national collegiate athletic association, made up of 1,281 organizations that organize college and university sports in the United States and Canada. In the states, professional clubs have no related structures responsible for training youth athletes. That is why this function falls to educational institutions.

In American college soccer, the NCAA earns, on the order of $1 billion annually. While the entire college sports system in the states, by the most conservative estimates, generates about $12 billion. It sounds unrealistic, but it's true: college sport is a big thing in the US. While services like Pomadoro or writance help students to keep up with studying, NCAA searches for potential NFL superstars.

The bulk of the revenue the NCAA earns is from TV broadcasts. And the most exciting thing is that, for example, this year, matches of Veres in the UPL you may not be (if the club does not negotiate with TV distributors). At the same time, the American soccer students' season is constantly broadcast on Viasat Sport, which every other provider shows.

The NCAA built the right system, like its older brethren in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, and has a revenue-sharing mechanism for its members. 95% of the earnings are distributed equally to the universities that have paid the membership fee and the costs of the games. Universities use the earned money for the maintenance of the university sports infrastructure, acquisition of equipment, salaries of the coaching and administrative staff, and training programs for student-athletes.

The popularity of college sports in the states is something incredible. Student-athlete American soccer games can draw audiences larger than professional NFL clubs. For example, the University of Michigan team averaged 110,000 viewers at home games in 2015.

Broadcasting, it's a gold mine and a significant sponsor for the sport. It's no surprise to anyone that you can make millions from broadcasts. But when you look at Americans who make billions on non-professional student sports, it's scary, and you realize that our UPL is no match for their $6 million.

Now the NCAA is partnering with CBS and Turner, who are under contract for 14 years, and the organization will make $771.4 million annually, on average. Look at the statistics above, back in the '80s. The student sports organization of the States was getting more for its television broadcasts than the Ukrainian Premier Football League is making now. ESPN is responsible for the media promotion of the NCAA overseas, which brings in an extra $200 million for the league.

Universities, like professional teams, make good money from selling merchandise. Here's what a Clemson Tigers University fan shop looks like. And the jersey of your favorite team, you can buy for $44.99.

In turn, student-athletes do not receive salaries. The most successful ones get free tuition at the university they play for. Likewise, universities spend 50 to 130 thousand US dollars each year to train their student-athletes.

The opposite is true of coaches' salaries, with the highest-paid head coaches in American college soccer earning between $3 million and $10 million a year. In the states, it is very prestigious to be the coach of a college team, and for some professionals, it is an unattainable goal.

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