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Celebrity Football Fans Who are Popular in the Casino World

Celebrity Football Fans Who are Popular in the Casino World

As one of the most popular sports in the world, football has one of the biggest fan bases in the world of sports. Moreover, some of the most famous celebrities in the world are hard-core football fans. Weirdly enough, the majority of celebrities attending football games, and cheering for their favourites are also interested in gambling. And, it is no wonder that you see some of these people looking for the adrenalin rush and hype both in sports arenas and in casinos.

If you want to know which one of your favourite celebrities are the most devoted casino and football fans, stay tuned. Discover more about it as you go through the list of celebrity football fans who are popular in the casino world.

Brad Pitt

Fight club, Troy, Snatch and many other epic movie names are a part of Brad Pitt's filmography. This American actor who has won multiple acting awards such as the Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award has his own passions - and one of them is football. Brad Pitt proudly calls himself one of the biggest Liverpool FC fans. As a matter of fact, this celebrity revealed his passion, dedication and loyalty to this football club in an interview for the movie Moneyball.

The ex-husband of Angelia Jolie was also spreading his enthusiasm to his family at the time when the pair was still married. Their son Maddox supposedly said that he wanted to be a player for Liverpool FC according to Angelina Jolie.

Moreover, football and Liverpool aren't the only Brad's passions - he also developed a huge affection towards casino games during the filming of "Ocean's 11". Preparing for his role of Danny Ocean, he had a chance to learn about the gambling world. He even tried playing slots, and card games at that time and developed passion towards playing casino games.

Matt Damon

Another actor who is a football fan - however, this time we are not talking about Liverpool but Arsenal FC. There is no doubt that Matt Damon is one of the biggest celebrity fans of this football club from Islington, London, England. In one of the charity organizations, Matt participated in and expressed his devotion through a tiny piece of art. Namely, The Martian lead role contributed to the Willow Foundation in 2008 with his witty artwork that said: "Tottenham sucks..."

This was the first time that this American actor expressed his sports preferences publically - and it surely echoed across the globe. Besides, Matt is a big fan of high-end casinos, rather than free spins for $1 and he isn't hiding it. On the set of a movie called "Rounders," Matt and Edward Norton were trained to play casino games. The man who trained them was a famous player, Johnny Chan. The passion for gambling remained, and supposedly Matt Damon is visiting casinos frequently and he succeeds to stay out of the red.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

One of the most popular actresses in the 90s and 2000s, Catherine Zeta-Jones is a huge fan of Swansea City A.F.C. Zeta-Jones and her husband Michel Douglas were seen at sports arenas cheering for the Welsh professional football club many times. and it is no wonder since Swansea City A.F.C. is a football club from her hometown.

Apart from being a football enthusiast and supporter of her hometown club, Catherine is also a fan of gambling - or at least one particular type. The Mask of Zorro actress supposedly loves playing Bingo at the top online casino and it is one of her favourite leisure activities. Her parents won £100,000 playing bingo during her early childhood, and the happy memory turned into a passion for her. And can we mention that she acted in Ocean's Twelve, so would you say this passion of hers is a pure coincidence?

Kevin Costner

Arsenal F.C. seems to have a huge fans base and a huge celebrity fan base since number four on this list is yet another fan of this club. He is such a big fan that he even went one step further and asked for permission to make one of his characters an Arsenal fan. To be precise, his idea was to make the character wear an Arsenal scarf for the 2016 movie Criminal.

Costner's passion for the team started when he was filming "Robin Hood" in England. This is when he discovered this club's philosophy and also learned about the fan culture. Apparently, he loved it so much that he became a fan himself.

Kevin Costner is also a huge casino enthusiast, and he even opened the Midnight Star casino in 1991. Unfortunately, the casino was closed in 2017 and Costner spoke about it with great grief in his heart.

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