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Can the big six ever rebuild their reputation post-Super League?

Can the big six ever rebuild their reputation post-Super League?

It has been an eventful few weeks in football recently and many of the biggest clubs in European football are the reason as to why there has been so much to talk about.

Of course, the announcement of the European Super League rocked the landscape of football within the continent, with many of the fans of the club's that were set to be involved showing and voicing their displeasure in a number of different ways.

Although the Premier League's big six - Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur - all essentially immediately pulled out of the proposal after the backlash was witnessed, many still feel it is too late for each club to rebuild their reputations, with many believing the damage will be irreparable.

How can trust be rebuilt?

Many fans of the big six football clubs will be looking for those involved at the top of the clubs with the European Super League to resign and leave their clubs, with many looking for the most competitive odds to place a wager on that happening.

We have already seen a number of top personnel quit from their posts at clubs, with Ed Woodward set to leave Manchester United in the near future, whilst Andrea Agnelli was thought to have resigned from Juventus, but that has since been dismissed and denied.

There has been talk in England for fans to be involved in club decision-making, as many want the Premier League clubs to adopt the same rules that apply to football clubs in Germany's Bundesliga. This is known as the '50+1' rule, with it being designed to ensure that the club's members retain overall control and protect it from the influence of outside businesses.

Will it ever be rebuilt?

At this moment in time, it looks almost impossible for fans to be able to trust their football clubs or the big six that were involved in the potential breakaway.

Recently, we have seen a number of protests take place ahead of matches, with fans stopping the teams from entering the stadiums being just one example. There were many vivid protests at each of the London clubs in the first week of the announcement, whilst those at Manchester United ensured the game against Liverpool on Sunday would not go ahead as they stormed Old Trafford and made their points known.

The fixture - which could have seen Manchester City be crowned 20/21 Premier League champions incidentally - was postponed and fans may have seen it as a small victory in trying to make changes happen.

Fans are not the only ones with trust issues

With the potential breakaway to a European Super League shocking the whole of the football landscape, trust between the big six and the rest of the football clubs in the Premier League and the rest of England will have been shattered into pieces.

With the European Super League being a 'closed competition', the other 14 Premier League clubs hit back and made their own feelings known as they condemned the proposals, whilst the Football Association, the Premier League and UEFA all took a dim view, as well.

There will also be some concern amongst many that this proposal will only be looked at again in the future, with clubs feeling as though they will be better prepared to withstand the backlash and deal with it in an effective manner.

The road to regain trust is going to be a rocky one for the big six of the Premier League, and one that is not going to be easy to make happen.

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