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Biggest stadiums in South America

Biggest stadiums in South America

The continent of South America is well known for its high football activities, being one of the continents to produce the finest players. Football is practically a religion in the area, and every country takes pride in developing the best sporting facilities to aid growth. Also, South America houses some of the biggest and most famous stadiums around the world.

South America and Football

Football first arrived in South America as far back as the 19th century, through the port of Bueno Aires in Argentina. It was brought by members of the British community where they formed the first club, Bueno Aires Football Club (FC). Also, around the same time, the British railway workers also started another club in Rosario, Argentina.

The rapid spread of the sport ensured that not too long after, the first Argentine League Championship started in 1893. However, most of the players in the clubs were part of the founding British community until around the early 20th century, where South American players actually began to play.

With the popularity and commercial growth of the sport, came the development of some of the world’s most renowned stadiums. Although South American stadiums may not have the state-of-the-art construction and technologies like stadiums in Europe, they hold a good chunk of football’s history.

The atmosphere is electric, which is largely due to the passion of fans for the sport unlike anywhere else in the world. The fans also benefited by placing bets on games, which has evolved to online betting today. Today, there are sites that share some tips to bet on football, further expanding the commercial market of the sport.

The largest stadiums in South America

South America holds some of the largest stadiums around the world, which has hosted world-class stars over the years. They are:

Monumental “U” (Peru)

This stadium actually the largest in the country Peru, and also the whole of South America as a whole. It is also called the Estadio Monumenta and has the capacity to hold up to 80,093 people. The stadium construction began in 1991, and ended in the year 2000, and cost over $44 million to build.

Maracana Stadium (Brazil)

Arguably the most popular stadium in the whole of South America, the Maracana is located deep in the Heart of Rio de Janeiro. Maracana stadium is the largest in Brazil and the second-largest in South America. Also, it holds the record for highest attendance in a stadium, which was set in 1950, after holding 199,854 people. However, its capacity is only 78,838.

Nacional Mane Garrincha (Brazil)

This stadium is one of Brazil’s pride, with a capacity of 72,788. It is located in the capital of the country, Brasilia, and cost a mouth-watering $900 to build back in 1974. Since then, it has undergone some renovations to meet modern standards.

Monnumental Antonio V.Liberti (Argentina)

This is the official stadium for the Argentine football club giants, River Plate. The Monumental Antonio V. Liberti is the largest stadium in Argentina, with a capacity of 62,000. It is also the fourth largest in South America.

Honorary mentions include:

The history of these stadiums is what makes them so special. Although they are not as modern as European stadiums, they remain ever valuable to the sport.

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