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Bet smarter on the Euros

Bet smarter on the Euros

This summer the European Football Championship EURO2020 is coming up again. The EK 2021 draw has been over for a while now, and the participants are known. The European Football Championship kicked off on 11 June 2021 with the opening match Turkey - Italy. We would like to prepare you for a football summer full of international top matches. Therefore, we would like to give you some tips for betting on European Championship matches. To make things a little more exciting, we'd like to take a closer look at the various betting options. In doing so, we discuss tips and tricks on where to bet on European Championship 2021 / EURO2020. Besides some general ones, we have some more specific EK 2021 tips for all your bets. Here you can already find our best European Championship betting tips:

Fans are rejoicing because Euro 2020 welcoming back fans might be the best news football fans have gotten this year. Depending on the country the match is played in and the stadium, matches will allow the stands to be filled up with a certain number of supporters from each country. Be sure to check out local measures and laws before booking your plane and match ticket.

Useful tips: where to bet on European Championship 2021?

The days when everyone went betting on the Euros in an office somewhere in the UK are probably over. There are more and more bookmakers offering EK bets, and there are often good odds hidden away with them if you search at different sports betting providers. We have already done the work for you and found the best bookmakers for your European Championship 2021 bets. The offer of bookmakers is huge, but also the amount of bets is immense. Once you have found the right bookmaker, you need to know what you want to bet on. For example, you can bet on the final winner of the European Championship tournament, one of the most popular bets received by bookies. In addition, at such major tournaments you can often bet on top scorer at the European Championship, or which team will score the most goals.

The most popular bets

The bets vary widely, especially before the start of a match. But betting on the European Championship winner before the tournament starts can always be interesting in terms of odds. Do you already have a favourite for the final victory? Then don't wait too long to bet on it, because the odds naturally drop every time your team reaches the next round or wins a match. Strike while the iron is hot. Also very interesting are cumulators. There are often bonuses attached to them which are very interesting. Be sure to check the accumulator tips from  Especially before the tournament starts, it might be interesting to pick a final winner or determine the top shooter. But most betting takes place shortly before each match. In addition, you can often bet live on certain events during the match, depending on the provider. This is not necessarily more complicated than pre-match betting. The advantage of following the match live is that you are, of course, in touch with what is happening on the pitch.

This year's tournament is a strong one and we're looking forward to which one of the contenders will be the one lifting the trophy at the. One thing is for sure, more teams than ever are likely to win the championship!

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